9 Simple Home Hygiene Tips You Should Put Into Practice

There are a lot of changes that people all over the world are experiencing together due to the current pandemic. The most significant of them all is being more vigilant and aware of their hygienic practices, whether in-house or outdoors.

This change is definitely for the better, but there may be things that you missed out on doing.

There are certain home hygiene practices that you might want to start doing. Not only will it be suitable for your home’s maintenance but also for everyone living in your house.

If you’re going to start incorporating more simple hygiene practices while you’re at home, here are nine tips that can help you:

Disinfect your cleaning materials

One cleaning task in your home that you might be neglecting would be disinfecting your usual cleaning materials.

Disinfecting your cleaning materials ensures that you aren’t accumulating germs and dirt only to spread it all over the house whenever you clean.

Before you start wiping down your surfaces with your cleaning materials, make sure that you properly disinfect them first. You don’t even need to go too complicated with it.

Cleaning your tools using the reliable one-two combo of soap and water is good enough to clean it out. However, feel free to use antibacterial cleaning products for that extra step if you’re feeling fancy.

Avoid dust accumulation

Dust is the enemy of a lot of people with allergies and other respiratory issues. Aside from that, dust accumulation attracts all sorts of critters into your home, most of them are spiders.

Therefore, you should make sure that you avoid dust from accumulating inside your home. The simplest way to do that is to clean your ceilings and walls regularly.

You should clean your walls and ceilings once a week if you can. The cleaning should include your hanging light fixtures, such as your ceiling fans.

Make sure that you clear the dust away from your floors using a mop and a vacuum cleaner. With your furniture, you need to vacuum and wipe it down more frequently than with your floor, ceiling, and wall.

Take off your shoes at the door

Instead of tracking dirt and mud from the outdoors into your house, it’s better to leave them by the door.

Since there are many germs and bacteria from outside, you wouldn’t want to bring them in through your shoes.

Providing a shoe rack right by the door is vital. Plus, it will also encourage house guests to take their shoes off at the door. Visit https://serp.co/best/shoe-rack/ to find some of the best shoe racks for your needs.

Bust germ hotspots 

There are many spots in our home that are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, and we don’t get to clean it as often as we should.

One example of a germ hotspot would be your doorknobs. Since people who live in your home touch these often, germs can quickly spread from one person to another. Therefore, you shouldn’t forget to wipe down your door knobs ‒ which is also something that we advise our clients at Maid Sailors Cleaning Service Chicago.

Other examples of germ hotspots would be cabinet handles and light switches. Regularly cleaning these items will reduce the likelihood of germs spreading all over your home.

Keep pests away

Insects carry many diseases, so you want to keep them away from your home as much as possible.

There are several ways you can do that. One way is by making sure that you seal away all your food products properly. That way, you won’t attract the insects into your home.

Another method would be to ensure that you keep your trash bins sealed as well. Also, make sure that you empty your garbage regularly.

Don’t forget the soft furnishings

Fabric can also be home to quite a bit of germ and bacteria, so make sure that you clean out all of your soft furnishings.

Your curtains can accumulate dust, so change them on a set period. Clean out your carpets and other upholstery as well to prevent germs from breeding on it.

Clean your air ducts and vents

Your vents and air ducts help prevent the outdoor dust and dirt from coming into your home, not to mention that you can control the indoor temperature.

However, if you don’t clean it regularly, it’s going to start making your AC units less effective. Therefore, make sure that you clean out your air ducts and vents too.

Replace your beddings

It would be best to replace your beddings once every two weeks since it accumulates quite a bit of dirt. So make sure that you wash them at a warm temperature to kill off the bacteria effectively.

There’s nothing quite like sinking into clean and freshly washed sheets. So do yourself that favor and wash your beddings on a set schedule.

Freshen your laundries

When washing your laundry, make sure that you wash them in warm temperatures to kill off germs and bacteria.

Make sure that you don’t wait too long to clean your laundry so that the stench and stains don’t set into your clothes during the entire time you leave it unwashed.


Being more hygienic is an improvement in your life that you should always welcome. It keeps your house clean and looking sparkling and new, and it also makes for a healthier home environment. By applying the nine hygiene tips listed above, you can start building a better cleaning habit for yourself and your family.

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