5 Wellness Influencers You Absolutely Must Follow on Instagram

Not getting enough sleep, skipping meals, eating junk food, and not having enough time in the day to do some physical activity. Are these things familiar to you? 

Chances are you want to focus on wellness, but due to the hectic and stressful schedule, you are prevented. For all of this to change, you have to put yourself first and change your mindset. Then make a decision to finally start leading a healthy lifestyle

Apart from a strong will to turn things around, you will need strong daily motivation. Why not use the time spent tirelessly scrolling through your feeds on Instagram to follow a few solid and powerful influencers which will inspire you with motivational posts and healthy lifestyle ideas? 

This social channel has become a true haven for people seeking support and inspiration as its community gathers diverse influencers who like to share their recipes for success and inspire others to bring a change to their lives. Check out our list of wellness influencers you absolutely must follow on Instagram.


Erin Christ is a healthy living influencer hidden behind the alias body breakfast. This girl from Las Vegas has more than 40,000 followers on this social network. As a future dietitian, she is publishing daily about her nutrition showing everyone that being on a diet or eating healthy doesn’t mean you are hungry all the time and never full. On the contrary, besides being incredibly colorful and vibrant, her posts contain pictures of more than generous portion sizes made from the freshest ingredients and neatly decorated to appeal to both the eye and the tummy. If you need some new recipes to start your day right and full of energy, give her a follow. You won’t regret it. 


If you are looking for yoga routines, vegan meals, and sustainability tips, then Remy Morimoto Park is your girl from the Big Apple to go to. Her Instagram profile is nothing but minimalistic and designed with style. Her posts contain the most exquisite vegan recipes, quite simple and easy to make, and interesting yoga routines. But most importantly, she isn’t afraid of sharing bits from her life, such as her previous battles with eating disorders and overcoming addiction. Remy is a true inspiration for everyone and a fighter. 


This isn’t just an Instagram profile. Instead, it is a newsletter and community for all women who decide to stay at home on Friday night rather than go out and party. This concept has been prevalent in the Instagram community, attracting more than a hundred thousand followers. These ladies usually post about book recommendations, DIY projects, beauty routines, basically about everything you can do on a Friday night, while every now and then casually slip in some quote reminding their followers of the importance of self-love and care.  


This guy is the absolute revolution in the world of wellness. Rick Roll is a famous blogger based in Los Angeles whose Instagram profile has more than 250,000 followers, and the number keeps increasing daily. What is different with this health and lifestyle influencer is that he interviews some well-known progressive minds on general topics such as wellness, health, nutrition, and lifestyle. Then he publishes them as podcasts for everyone to enjoy. He is really moving the boundaries of veganism and fitness. Moreover, you may find some delicious recipes in a couple of cookbooks he wrote with his wife, who often joins him in hosting these podcasts.


Britta Plug is a well-known influencer who is featured in Vogue, Bazaar, and MBG. As her primary interest is holistic beauty, she is also the owner of Studio Britta in New York City, where she successfully provides facials, acupuncture, and, recently, Gua Sha Lift Treatment. Moreover, on her Instagram profile, you can find tutorials, beauty regimes, and some quite powerful quotes to help you get through the day. 

Ultimately, it is essential to take the first step and decide that you want to take care of yourself from now on. Your determination and desire will drive you to accomplish your goal of leading a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. You will need motivation and positivity to help you keep going. 
Once you have reached your goal, you may even start posting your progress and results and sharing them with your followers. You could even consider using an Instagram promo service to try and gain more followers and show people how to be healthy.
All in all, these wellness influencers can significantly help during this process. So start following them on Instagram and fill your feed with inspiring posts.  

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  1. Some really fab suggestions for inspirational wellness influencers to follow! Will be checking them out! I am definitely taking more note of my own wellness this year – something that can be so easily forgotten! Sim @ Sim’s Life x

  2. These are some great people to follow! I haven’t heard of most of them, but since I am looking into further improving, I will be looking them up. Thank you!

  3. Nice list, will be checking them too. I do like interesting wellness accounts to brighten my feed

  4. It’s important to surround ourselves with people who can help us on our journey to make the best version of ourselves. Thank you so much for these links, will make sure to check them out!

  5. I love finding new people to follow on Instagram and can definitely use any inspiration I can get to take better care of myself.

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