5 Emergency Phone Numbers Every Parent Should Have Saved on Their Phone

Being a parent can sometimes be scary. You are responsible for that child’s life. There is a lot that can go wrong, and you may sometimes spend time worrying about those possibilities. However, there are ways to gain back your peace of mind. If you know what to do in an emergency, you can rest assured that you can take action to save your child. One way you can do that is by knowing which emergency phone numbers to call. Below are five you should have saved on your phone.

Poison Control

A number you should absolutely have saved in your contacts is that of poison control. In the United States, this number is 1-800-222-1222. Young children can sometimes have the habit of drinking or eating things they shouldn’t. Poisons can take effect quickly. Poison control can tell you what to do to save your child’s life until professionals arrive. These professionals will be able to let you know if whatever they licked or ingested is something to go to the ER about or if it can be flushed out.  This call will help you make a quick decision. 

On Call Nurse

Children can get sick at any time. Sometimes, this occurs after doctor’s office hours. This is why it’s good to have the phone number of an on call nurse stored in your contacts. Simply being able to ask questions about your child’s symptoms can help give you the peace of mind that you are taking the right steps. Most insurance companies have a free nurse line  you can talk to. When something happens you don’t want to be searching for the cards and information. It’s better to have it already saved in your phone to reassure your decision to stay home or go to Urgent Care. 

The Local Police Non-Emergency Line

The police exist to help the citizenry. This certainly includes children. If your children are in danger or are being threatened, calling the police can help give you the backup you need to alleviate the situation.  You should also call 911 if you need it. Make sure you have them stored in contacts for the non-emergency number. When you are not in immediate danger you should use this line to alleviate waiting times for 911. Some examples are if you see something suspicious like sparks on a light post, a stoplight that’s not working, or a stop sign that’s been run over by your child’s school. 

Veterinary Services

Most families have pets. If your precious cat or dog gets hurt, starts coughing up blood, or is in severe pain you should consider taking them to the emergency vet nearest you. It’s better to do the research now than to scramble in case they end up in a raccoon fight in the middle of the night that leaves them with a ghastly gash or if they eat a forbidden snack that could be life threatening. Knowing which vet service has emergency services around you will help you quickly get the help your little buddy needs. 

Emergency Handyman

Protecting your children also means protecting your home and its various systems. This includes plumbing. If a serious leak is not fixed immediately, it could lead to the growth of dangerous mold that can pose a serious health risk. It could even permanently damage the structure of your home. Store the number of a 24/7 emergency handyman like The Roof Doctor in your phone for such situations. Fixing a leak right a way will be better than a mold issue.

Being a parent can sometimes be scary. To protect your children’s lives, you need to take the proper precautions. This certainly includes storing important emergency numbers in your phone so you can quickly dial them when needed.

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