Autism Treatment: Why Be Just Special When You Can Be More?

A disability that hampers the brain caused disability in neurological development is known as Autism. It also affects behaviour, cognition, social interaction and communication. Due to the characteristic and symptoms appearing in different combinations which affect the children in a variety of ways, Autism is also known as spectrum disorder. The signs of autism begin in early childhood and they persist through all the years, making the routine life of a child disabled in many ways.

Why do Children need more Attention who are Autism Affected?

There are cases where some children might need help due to the severe challenges they face while others can manage on their own with comparatively less help. Earlier, conditions such as PGG-NOS, Asperger syndrome and autistic disorder were diagnosed and classified separately but nowadays, they are grouped under the autistic spectrum disorder. There are different behavioural patterns for autistic children, and some of these include repetitive body movements like rocking, spinning and flapping, and also children can start running back and forth.

Autism as a Common Development Disability:

There has been no cure found or created for autism. Researchers suggest that autism may occur because of certain environmental and genetic factors or a combination of both. The environmental aspect can affect the brain development due to a combination of conditions that occurs ahead, during or after birth.

The Aim of Autism Treatment

It is stated that there is no cure for Autism but there are several kinds of treatments that helps in targeting those behaviours that would help children with this disorder in improving their abilities and integrate them into school activities, developing relationships that are meaningful and increasing their chance of maintaining and living an independent life with time as they become adults.

What is the aim of autism treatment?

The aim of Autism treatment interventions is to increase pro-social and socially acceptable behaviour. This positive behaviour is intended on promoting friendship and social acceptance by decreasing odd behaviour and improving non-verbal as well as verbal behavioural patterns.

There are different types of autism treatment that has shown severe improvement and the most popular autism treatment is the ABA method. This method also helps an autistic child overcome barriers of social communication like eye contact, facial expressions and even the tone of voice. These also include all expressions that are to be taken literally. 

What is applied behaviour analysis?

ABA also known as the Applied Behaviour Analysis are sessions that are conducted on a one-to-one basis in order to help in improving the cognitive development of the child along with other factors such as, social, fine motor, play, behavioural and skills that would help in self-help. In this technique the child is given structured tasks which range from simple tasks to complex ones and then fragmented into smaller tasks. The child learns to complete sub tasks one at a time. The progress of the child is also tracked in this process. The different types of ABA are;

  1. DTT or Discrete trial Training
  2. EIBI or Easily intensive behavioural intervention
  3. PRT or Pivotal Response Training
  4. VBI or Verbal Behaviour Intervention

It has been said that autism is a condition that lasts for a lifetime and that there is no definite cure. However, intervention and therapy can help in improving the child’s necessary skill in order to improve the standards and quality of life. Autism treatment generally is started early as it is detectable as the child turns eighteen months old or even earlier. Early start of treatment means that the child has more time to integrate these practices and improve their growing life.

Now there are several organizations that are taking steps to help people cope with autism. They focus more on global autism solutions.


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