5 Benefits of Installing a Changing Tables in Your Public Washroom

One thing that is of the utmost importance while traveling anywhere, is a clean and hygienic restroom. You can carry food with you but what will you do if you want to freshen up? It is a big problem, and it becomes a bigger problem when traveling with an infant or a toddler.

It is a fact that if you have a toddler or an infant, you will need a restroom stop to change the baby’s diaper.

Imagine you stop at a decent place with restroom facilities, and you do not find a clean surface to lay your baby on to change their diaper or a baby changing station? You will just be worried and frustrated at the same time.

The struggle is real. Therefore, baby changing stations can be the biggest savior for new parents and a great investment for businesses.

It’s highly important that businesses install baby changing stations in booth men’s and women’s restrooms too. Hygiene is also important when it comes to babies. 

Babies need diaper changes about 8-10 times a day so the addition of a baby-changing station will turna businessinto a family-friendly environment. 

New parents will feel comfortable and untroubledusing a business with changing stations. They increase their consumer base.Many companies provide various kinds of commercial baby changing stations. 

Prices differ according to their size, material, and mounting type.You can compare the prices on different platforms according to your quantity requirement and quality. 

Here you can see the average price of public bathroom baby changing tables and, you’ll see that they’re not that expensive at all. 

Business organizations such as restaurants, office buildings, community centers, shopping malls, and parks should install baby changing stations in all their restrooms.

Components of a baby changing station: 

  • Made from high-density polyethylene and stainless steel
  • Sturdy protection strap
  • Safety stop system
  • Strong extra-large hinges for support
  • Built-in liner dispenser
  • Diaper bag hook
  • Multi-lingual instructions for global use
  • Load capacity ranges from 350 lbs to 400 lbs
  • Easily foldable open shut system

Benefits of baby changing stations

Family Friendly environment benefit

One of the main concerns of new parents haveis finding a clean restroom to change their baby’s diaper in, and to freshen up themselves at the same time. 

For example, if a restaurant has installed a changing station in women’s and men’s washrooms, it sends out a family-friendly message to the public. It will attract more families to visit and, your restaurant will become their favorite place to hang out.

No-Hassle cleaning

Businesses don’t have to appoint a special cleaner to clean a baby changing station. They can add its cleaning with the regular maintenance schedule. It’s simple design makes it easy to clean within minutes. 

A comfortable baby makes a happy parent.

Parents using baby changing stations can easily change diapers as these are well designed and make the baby comfortable. Babies tend to dislike the process of changing but it eases the process of changing without making a huge mess.

Sanitation and hygiene 

Often baby changing stations are installed near washbasins to have easy access to water for cleaning. Hence sanitation is maintained. Polyethylene material has an anti-bacterial coating and remains free from odors. It is also safer and more hygienic than any other surface for babies.

Compact Design

Baby changing stations are compact, foldable, and the wall mounting design takes less space in public washrooms. they can also be installed easily in individually attached bathrooms of hotel rooms for guests.

Load-bearing capacity

Baby changing stations can bear a load up to 400 lbs. That’s a lot! Due to its sturdy design, it can easily handle the baby’s weight along with a diaper bag.

User-friendly design

Their user-friendly design helps new moms and dads change their baby’s diaper without having to bend too much. Some baby changing stations have height adjustment options too. 

The adjustable safety strap is easy to use and there is an indent that will stop the baby from rolling off the table. Hence,they allowparents to throw away the used diaper without worrying about the baby falling.

Easy installation and one-time investment

Baby changing stations are easy to install due to their compact design. Installing one is a one-time investment because of its durability and low-cost maintenance. Businesses can get benefits in the long term.

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