4 Tips for Decorating With Your Husband in Mind


Decorating a home is often, but not always, among a wife’s many tasks. They may use designs that are put together specifically to appeal to the woman in the household. However, creating an appealing and comfortable space for the husband is also important. These 4 tips will help you to decorate with your husband in mind, to make it a more functional living space.

Men Prefer Comfort Over Artistic Design

A decorating scheme can be stylistically perfect, but fails to make the inhabitants of the room feel comfortable and at ease. Men, in particular, want furniture and accessories that serve their needs. They want to be able to relax, have their favorite items at hand and put aside the formalities of their usual routines. You can provide these features by adding in particularly comfortable chairs, accent tables to hold necessarily items and a setting that encourages relaxation. An ottoman is a nice touch to help your husband’s comfort. Also, ensure clear traffic paths throughout the room to avoid impeding movement.

Strong Colors Are More Appealing To Men

Men respond better to a palette that includes strong colors. If you are set on using pastels, consider adding a stronger tonal note to offset the paler colors. If you’re attracted to neutral, accents with something red, orange, black or royal blue. This will help to create an environment your husband feels at home.

Add Masculine Touches To Offset the Frills

Wives often take great pains to make rooms “fit together” in a coherent design. However, this can leave the room looking too perfect or too feminized. You can avoid that ultra-frilly look by adding in more masculine touches, like a blue camo leather decorative throw pillow cover that will encourage him to use to make himself comfortable. A traditional clock, wall art that offers a more masculine viewpoint and heftier fabrics can also help.

Ask For His Opinion on Colors and Fabrics

Some men have a good sense of color and texture. If you ask for their opinion on a shade of gray or a print pattern, they will know what they like and what they don’t like. Others don’t have much interest in these areas and are happy to let their wives make the selections. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and your husband will feel more involved in the final result if you involve him in the decorating decisions.


When decorating your home, you will have to consider your own husband’s habits and tastes in order to add the right touches that will make it “homey” for him. Some men respond well to a traditional decorating scheme. Others feel inspired and invigorated in a more modern setting. If you give some thought to the individual tastes of your partner, you will be able to provide a setting that is comfortable for you both.


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