4 Things to do in London for Under £10

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Trying to keep the children happy and entertained throughout the long summer holidays is no mean feat. With so many days to fill it is no wonder that the summer can end up being an extremely expensive time. So with that in mind, we have put together a list of the top 4 four things that you can do with your children, in London, for under £10.

Cheap Tourist Bus Alternative

One of the easiest way to see a city is of course from a tourist bus. However, with tourist buses becoming more and more expensive that is just not as affordable as it used to be, particularly when traveling with a group of children. Therefore why not see the city from the top of one of London’s iconic double decker buses. For £1.50 a journey, you can jump onto a city bus and watch the world go by and take in the sights all from the comfort of a big red London bus.

The Olympic Park

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic park certainly is well worth a visit and there is a lot for your kids to do there. The ‘
Tumbling Bay’ at the Olympic park is an amazing children’s playground that has everything to keep the children entertained all day. From rock pools, tree houses and sand pits that are inbuilt into the scenic, natural surrounding. So this is definitely a great place to take kids who need to blow off a bit of steam and have a good run around.

Hackney City Farm

Visiting an
urban farm is quite an unusual thing for children. We are so used to visiting farms in the countryside that it doesn’t even register that they would even exist in a busy city center location like Hackney. However, if you are visiting London with children who love animals, but don’t want to fork out for expensive zoos, then this is a charming little place to go. Full of goats, sheep, chickens, and rabbits, children can spend time feeding and petting the animals so it is a great place to unwind for a couple of hours.

Where to Stay

If you are traveling outside of London and are planning to stay a couple of days you are going to need to find somewhere within your budget to rest those weary heads, and you will certainly not be short in choices in London. There are a wide range of well priced but luxurious priced hotels like  
Dorsett Hotel Shepherds Bush if you are looking to treat yourself to somewhere a bit special. Or you can go down the route of city apartments or B&B’s on the outskirts of the city if you are on a tighter budget. So if you are needing accommodation for your stay make sure that you put a little bit of research into the finding the best deals and packages so that you don’t have to fork out for expensive last minute accommodation.

Rainy Day

If you travel to London on a rainy weekend, then this little place could be just where you need to take shelter.
The Ritzy Cinema in Brixton offers films for toddlers, with kiddie favorites like Peppa Pig and Tractor Ted and the tickets are just £1.50. So if you want to escape the rain for an hour or two, this is the perfect place.


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