Know What Types of Bra Style Can Be Best for You According to Your Breast Shape 

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Well, if you are a woman who thinks that one style can easily fit all when it comes to bras, you definitely need to think again. It all depends on your breast shape to know which bra style can work best for you. The following are some of the common breast shapes and bra styles.


If you have more muscular and wider breasts with relatively less tissue, a wireless bra can be the best for you. It will offer you great comfort especially with a thick band, which is important to keep you supported and in place. Some of the other options are front closure or push up.

Bell shape

If you are fuller at the bottom and slimmer at the top, it means that you have bell shaped breasts. It implies that a T-shirt bra is your best option. The wire support and cups in it will definitely help you in lifting your breasts and allow them to sit in cups where they actually belong! In case you wear larger cup size, it is recommended to wear full coverage style having padded straps to offer more coverage, lift, and comfort.


If your breasts are full at the top as well as bottom equally in almost round spheres, then you have round breasts. For you, balconette bras can be a great option since they fill out the cups nicely providing natural cleavage. Your other options include strapless or T-shirt bras.


Do you have asymmetric breasts? Is your one breast larger than other? Well, it is very common and there are great options available in the market for your breast shape. The best one for you is a Push up since it offers sufficient lift and support to make your breasts appear equal. Some of the other options for you are full coverage bras and T-shirt bras.

East West

In case, your nipples point outward in the different directions, you have East West breasts. For all the women who have this type of breast, a Push-up bra to help you gather your breast tissue in front of your body. Your other options include strapless or front closure.


Do you have breasts with the lax tissues and nipples that are pointing downwards? If yes, then you have relaxed breast shape. A push-up or T-shirt style bra that can offer some lift can be a good option for you. The other options include Racerback bras.

Side Set

If you have more space between the breasts, then you have side set breasts. It is recommended to opt for front closure bra that can bring your breasts inward towards the center of your chest. Your other options include Push-up or T-shirt bras.

Thus, there are a lot of bra types and styles available to you in the best online stores according to your breast type. So, pick up the one that best suit you and your personality as well!

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