4 Steps to Planning Your Teen’s Anime-Themed Birthday Party

If you have a teen who loves anime, chances are they would also love to have a birthday party based on that theme. Don’t worry if you aren’t fully into the medium, as you can give them a spectacular birthday party and the perfect gift even without having seen a single episode of Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball Z. Here are four steps to planning your teen’s anime-themed birthday party.

Know What They Like

Anime is a very broad genre. Just because your teen loves anime doesn’t mean they love every show equally. You should take the time to learn about what shows they like the best. What DVDs and comics are on their shelf? What shows are they always talking about? When you know this, you can have an easier time deciding on the decorations for your teen’s party.

Invite Anime-Loving Friends

Your teen’s friends hopefully share their interest in anime. Ask them about which of their friends are the biggest diehards. You should also consider which friends you overhear them talking about anime with the most. You don’t have to make it exclusive to anime lovers, of course. Be sure to ask your teen about which fans they most want to invite.

Have Fun Activities

Anime-themed activities can really make the party a blast. You should come up with great games and other ideas to drive home the love for anime at the party. This can include trivia games to see who the biggest anime fans are. You can also have a costume contest with an anime-themed prize basket for whoever has the best one. Try to decorate your house with as much anime flair as possible. It can really make things all the more celebratory when it’s time for the party.

By planning an anime-themed birthday party for your teen, you show them how much you care about them and their interests. It might seem like a relatively small gesture, but it’s one that should mean a lot to them. You can further strengthen the bond between yourself and your teen with a great anime birthday party.

End With Party Favors

The best way to make certain your party memorable is to gift your guests with party favors before they leave. It is a great idea to choose anime-themed custom stickerskeychains, and enamel pins as party favors. And if you design the favors yourself, it will be a more memorable party. You can design the shape, and size of the stickers, or add your designs such as add the date or name of the party. And these unique and useful gifts will make a lasting impression.

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