4 Signs It’s Time to Help Your Parents Transition to a Senior Care Center

For many older individuals, the desire to live their entire lives in their home is quite strong. However, sometimes circumstances dictate that this is not possible. Whether it’s due to an illness or other issues, you may start seeing signs that it’s time to help your own parents make the transition from their home to a senior care center. As for the most common signs that indicate a change is needed, here are four that adult children like yourself and your parents typically encounter.

Needing Reminders to Take Medication

If, like most elderly people, your parents are on various medications, you realize how important it is that they don’t forget to take them when needed. However, you may have found yourself having to remind your parents to take their medications. If so, transitioning to a senior care center where assisted living services are offered may be needed. Since failing to take their medications could have life-threatening consequences, don’t hesitate should this become a problem.

Neglecting Household Chores

Should your parents begin to neglect doing daily household chores such as cleaning, washing dishes, or taking out the trash, it is likely they need assistance with their daily living tasks, and thus should move into a care home that can help ease this burden. While they may initially object, getting help with many daily tasks will soon help them realize it’s fine to have a little help along the way now and then.

Losing Mobility

In many cases, older parents have a much harder time navigating their home than in years past. For example, it may now be very difficult or even dangerous for your parents to go up and down stairs, especially if they have experienced falls within their home. Rather than hesitate and wait until one of your parents falls and suffers a broken hip or other serious injury, help them make the transition to a senior care center as soon as possible.

Repeating Stories or Questions

Should you find that your parents are saying something to you that they just said a few minutes ago, and that this happens more and more frequently, this could be a sign of memory problems such as dementia starting to develop. If this is the case, it will be imperative your parents reside in a facility that can properly deal with memory issues.

Moving to an assisted living community can significantly improve the quality of life for older adults. Assisted living communities provide elderly adults with the assistance and security they need to live with dignity and ease. This residency style offers residents a variety of services and amenities that can enhance the quality of life for those who live there. These include support groups for residents to share experiences and strategies, respite care when needed, accessible transportation to local hospitals or other places where help is available, access to social services from community organizations (such as libraries or churches), and more. These communities are designed specifically for seniors, providing a supportive environment that helps relieve worried minds and improve their quality of life. Though the initial conversation between you and your parents about moving may be difficult, doing what you know needs to be done will ultimately benefit you and your parents tremendously.

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