4 Reasons That Vinyl Tiles Might Be Perfect for Your Home

If you asked a random person on the street what vinyl is used for, they’d probably struggle to come up with anything other than “records”. Although most people don’t realize it, a lot of the classic materials they’re walking on are very carefully-crafted vinyl replicas. These replicas, thanks to companies like Amtico, often end up being better than the real thing for a few specific reasons:

They’re softer

Wood, stone and marble are all fantastic (and often beautiful) materials, but having to trade comfort for style doesn’t suit everybody. Vinyl opens up an opportunity to have the best of both worlds, letting you decorate a room with solid-looking flooring that doesn’t hurt if you’re standing or sitting on it for a long time.

Plus, you won’t need to be as concerned with slipping or dropping things. It will still hurt, but at least you won’t be hitting real stone, which can make a big difference if you have young children or old people staying with you.

They’re durable

The biggest problem with real wood is that it can only take so much – even if it’s treated and fireproofed, you still never know when a floorboard could break or start to rot. It’s also really easy to chip and stain certain kinds of stone, which can take days to repair or replace properly. With Vinyl, these problems are more or less gone, leaving you free to go about your day without needing to check the floor every few weeks.

Thanks to this, they’re also one of the most versatile types of floor on the market – commercial vinyl flooring will usually work in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms without any negative side-effects, so it’s entirely plausible to use it across your entire house.

They’re easy to maintain

Most kinds of flooring need a lot of care to stay clean, especially carpets and rugs. Even something as simple as wood needs to be treated, constantly mopped to clean up spills and kept away from anything that could set it on fire. Its vinyl tile counterpart needs nothing more than a broom and a slightly damp sponge whenever somebody tracks dirt into the house.

Since the material is water-resistant, rainwater and spills won’t seep through into the floor below, so you’ll never need to actually pull up the tiles unless you’re replacing them. Not only will the tiles stay clean easily, but they’ll protect the floorboards and pipes underneath them.


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