7 Everyday Things You Should Always Keep A Spare Of

It’s always a good idea to keep or carry spares of your important keys and ID cards, but there are plenty of everyday objects that can benefit from the same treatment. If something’s important enough to replace, then it’s important enough to own twice.

Chargers and cables

If your phone is prone to running out of power halfway through the day, having a spare charger can be a lifesaver. This can go for other devices, too: tablets, laptops and portable storage devices will end up being useless if you’re stuck without a way to keep them topped up.

Deodorant or perfume

Messy hair isn’t hard to fix with a few minutes near a mirror, but smelling bad is really difficult to get around. It can ruin meetings, dates, family events and even your time alone at home, so carrying some spare deodorant is a must.

Most major brands offer smaller bottles or spray cans that you can carry in bags, so don’t worry about having to fit a large can into your purse or backpack.

Toilet paper

Toilet paper is almost universally important, but running out at the wrong time can be incredibly embarrassing for everyone involved. Keeping some spare at home is a really smart decision, even if it means you need to devote a whole shelf to it.

On holidays and trips, keeping some in your suitcase can make a world of difference. Even just folding up twenty or thirty connected sheets and slipping them into your bag can help you avoid plenty of embarrassing situations.


Having proper footwear is a must in nearly every situation, regardless of where you are. Losing your shoes in dry weather is bad enough, but wet or snowy weather more or less forces you to stay indoors until you can track down another pair.

Keeping some spare at home is a good decision, as well as taking an extra pair on holiday: regardless of whether they’re fashionable Irregular Choice shoes or heavy-duty work boots, you never know when they’ll wear out or get lost.

A knife and/or scissors

Carrying around a big butcher’s knife is obviously illegal, but a small hobby knife or a pair of nail scissors can help you when you least expect it. Think about how many times a day you cut into bags of food or slice open cardboard boxes– on a long holiday, not being able to open packing can really limit your options.

A torch or flashlight

Most people use their smartphones as a light source when they’re caught without a torch, but it’ll only last as long as they have charge. Bringing a small torch, even if it’s battery-powered, can get you out of all kinds of situations, whether you’re stuck on the road with a damaged car or just looking for your keys in the dark.


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