4 Common Mistakes with Essential Oils to Avoid for New Users

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There are many reported benefits of using essential oils. Have you gotten in on the essential oils craze to investigate those benefits for yourself?

Whether you’re using them on your skin or putting them in an essential oil diffuser, there are a few things you should know to avoid. We’re here to talk about a few common mistakes with essential oils that users make. Read on to learn more.

1. Overdoing It

If you’re using essential oils in your home, it’s easy to overdo it, especially once you get used to the scent. We tend to go “nose blind” to smells we’re too used to, so what seems powerful at first will fade over time.

Your visitors are not nose-blind to your essential oils, however. When they walk into your home, they’ll be hit with a strong waft of essential oils!

Don’t run your diffuser all day, and make sure that your essential oils aren’t too concentrated. You want the smell to gently fill your home, not overwhelm your senses. In most cases, less is more.

2. Mixing the Wrong Scents

There’s nothing wrong with mixing essential oil scents, but you want to be careful, even if you’re using them in different rooms. There’s bound to be some crossover, and you want to make sure the resulting “frankincense” is a good one.

If you’re going to be using a variety of different scents in your home, like these bestselling scents or other popular oils, try to pick ones that complement each other. This way, even if you can smell more than one at once, it won’t be abrasive.

For example, mixing several spiced or sweet scents together can smell nice. Mixing a spiced scent with a floral scent can be unpleasant. Try testing different scents layered together before you buy them.

image by pvproductions | Freepik

3. Using Essential Oils Around Pets

In most cases, it’s a serious “no-no” to use a lot of essential oils if you have pets. You definitely shouldn’t be using oils on your pets’ skin.

Pets are more sensitive to smells than humans, and they can’t tell you if a scent is making them sick or uncomfortable. Some pets even develop respiratory problems after being exposed to essential oils.

If you must use essential oils while you have pets, use them in moderation.

4. Not Using a Carrier Oil

What if you’re applying essential oils to your skin? If you want to take advantage of some reported essential oil benefits, you may be using it in your skincare routine. Do so with caution.

Essential oils, when undiluted, can damage your skin. They can be abrasive. If you want to use essential oils on your skin, use carrier oil (like coconut oil).

One or two drops of essential oil in a teaspoon of carrier oil is usually enough.

Avoid These Mistakes With Essential Oils

Have you been making any of these mistakes with essential oils? If so, no problem. Knowledge is power, and you know what to do differently from now on!

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