3 Vacation Ideas if You are Adventurous

If you are someone with an adventurous spirit, you are probably tired of doing the same old hikes in your hometown or within a day’s drive. You may even be tired of going on the same expeditions that everyone goes on year after year as they lack in their sense of adventure for you anymore. 

If you are an adventurer, it is time for you to go on the trip of a lifetime and to create a vacation full of unforgettable memories that you will not soon forget. Continue reading below to learn more about three vacation ideas for the adventuring spirit inside of you.

1. Go White Water Rafting

The first trip idea to mention is to go on a white water rafting excursion somewhere like California where you can go American River rafting on the most famous river in the state. These excursions allow you to escape reality as you literally live in nature and spend your days figuring out ways to navigate the rough waters that you are being brought through.

You only go a few miles down the river in one day, when at the end of the day you pull off on the bank to build a campsite and to have a bonfire and eat with your loved ones. At the crack of the next morning though, after you give yourself fuel for the journey, you are right back on the water again.

2. Go Off-Roading

Another exciting vacation idea is to go on an off-roading tour with your closest friends or with those who you feel as if are ready to escape to nature with you. You can take your four-wheel-drive vehicles, or you can drop them off somewhere and rent a couple of all-terrain vehicles that will allow you to cross over any terrain and explore all ends of the wilderness that you are in. 

Make sure to bring your camping gear as you can set up a tent and build a fire for a multiple-day off-roading adventure, but be sure to bring safety supplies along with you too. These safety supplies should contain basic first-aid items and a way to communicate with the outside world in case someone becomes injured on a vehicle.

3. Become a Survivalist

The final vacation idea for adventurers is to learn how to survive for a weekend or for a few days away for vacation. Have a friend or even a company that you can work through, drop you off at a secure location where you must learn how to be in touch with nature so that you can survive on your own in the wilderness.

Be sure that you do have a way to contact the company you are working with or to contact your loved ones in case of emergency, so do not just try to do this one on your own. You will have to figure out a way to build your own shelter and to find your own food so that you can last for the entire trip in the wilderness.

Final Thoughts

If you have an adventuring spirit, you love being in the great outdoors and love to experience new things that others may not have thought possible. To you, a chance to vacation may be a chance to explore what lies beyond and to experience new thrills, and seek out new adventures every chance that you may get.


The lists above are sure to find you the roads that are less traveled and the places that you have never been to before. Adventure is waiting, so get ready to go out and find it.


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