3 Unique But Useful Bridesmaids Gifts To Consider For Your Special Day

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Your bridesmaids are the women in your life who you love and who you want to share your special day with. They could be women you have gone to school with, family members or friends from childhood. Before the wedding ceremony, give your bridesmaids a unique gift that they will enjoy and that they can use after the wedding. There are a few rules to keep in mind when you’re giving gifts to your bridesmaids. Choose a different gift for each woman instead of getting the same thing for all of them. If you do get the same gift, try to choose different colors or styles so that they will be personal for each woman. Each gift should be something that can be worn or used at a later time instead of just at the wedding. Avoid getting items that say “bridesmaid” as these can sometimes make women feel like they are second to the bride. It might take a little time, but there are options for the best gift to help celebrate your special day.

Gift Baskets

If you want to get your bridesmaids more than one thing, then make a basket for each of them. This gift idea will allow you to get a bit more personal with the things that you include. Find out what each woman enjoys doing, such as reading or watching movies, customizing each basket with things that she will like. You don’t have to make a large basket for each woman. It’s all in the thought behind the gift as you want her to know how much you appreciate everything that she has done. Wrap each basket with colored cellophane so that she can see the goodies before opening the package. A fun example for someone who likes movies would be a DVD, a few boxes of candy, and a movie ticket or two to go see a movie with a friend. If she likes baking, then add a few cake mixes and tools to use in the kitchen.

Clothing And Other Apparel

What woman doesn’t like wearing clothing of some kind or jewelry? A fun gift that you can get your bridesmaids is socks. There are decorative socks that you can order from companies online, such as these womens socks. You can get socks with designs for holidays or even socks that have each woman’s initials on them. Get an assortment of styles so that she can wear them with various outfits. You should also think about getting different colors of socks for each woman so that they all have something different. Place the socks inside bedroom shoes or slippers. Another idea would be to give each woman a gift certificate to a local spa so that she can enjoy wearing her socks while getting a facial, a massage or a manicure. It’s a relaxing gift idea for special women who have helped you along the way.

Sweet Treats

You usually don’t think about giving food or candy to bridesmaids, but this is an idea that will likely put a smile on any woman’s face. Make a small basket or bag with a variety of candies and other sweets that each woman would enjoy. Consider the dietary needs of each woman as some might need sugar-free candy while others might like a certain kind of chocolate. You can order candy online that is wrapped in paper that is customized with your name and the date of the wedding as a way for your bridesmaids to remember the day.

Your bridesmaids are an integral part of your wedding. They often give you advice and support the decisions that you make. Show your appreciation with gifts that they will enjoy and that they can use each day.

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