Sleep Apnea & Dating: How To Tell Your Partner You Have Sleep Apnea

When you meet someone you really like, you may be tempted to hide your CPAP machine, but keeping your partner in the dark can backfire. However, you may be anxious about broaching the subject, especially when the relationship is new. Fortunately, a few tips can help you build the confidence to have this sensitive discussion.

Embracing Sleep Apnea

Are you having trouble talking about sleep apnea because you’re struggling with the diagnosis? Finding out you have a health condition can be frightening and frustrating in equal measures, as it changes your life drastically. However, learning ways to embrace your diagnosis can make you feel more comfortable and give you the courage to talk about it.

Treatment Helps You Live Fully

The CPAP machine may feel awkward to wear at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll realize how much you benefit:

  • Improved ability to focus
  • Increased energy levels
  • Decreased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke

By managing your sleep apnea, you’re giving yourself the gift of health. You won’t have as much stress, and you’ll have more time and energy to spend with the people you love.

You’re More Than Your Diagnosis

Embracing your diagnosis is an essential step to feeling comfortable in your skin, but it’s also crucial to remember that it doesn’t define you. It’s just one part of the complex, evolving person you are. When you talk about your sleep apnea, your significant other will likely think of it the same way.

Don’t Be Afraid To Share Your Diagnosis

As you build a relationship, your sleep apnea will impact your partner’s life as well as your own. For example, when you go on vacation, you’ll have to make room in your luggage for your travel CPAP ResMed machine, something your partner is bound to notice. By sharing your diagnosis, you allow your partner to support you.

Of course, some ways of breaking the news are better than others. For an open, no-pressure conversation, make sure you keep the following in mind.

Figure Out a Good Time To Bring It Up

Since sleep apnea is a serious topic, you don’t want to blurt out your diagnosis at an awkward time. Instead, let your significant other know you have something important to talk about and set aside time for just the two of you.

Explain What the Condition Is

Your loved ones can support you best when they understand what you need. As part of your conversation, you should tell your partner what causes sleep apnea and what your symptoms are. You can then go over your current treatments and how they affect your sleeping arrangements.

Answer Questions

Your partner may have questions, especially if sleep apnea is a new topic. Try to answer as many questions as possible and have resources on hand if your significant other wants to learn more.  And don’t forget to pack your mini CPAP machine for your fun getaway!


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