3 Car Safety Features to Protect Your Family

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Keeping your family safe is your number one priority no matter what. Making sure everyone is safe while on the road is especially tricky, given the variety of different types of drivers and in tricky driving situations. Given that there are so many different types of cars on the market with so many different features, it can be tricky to find the right kind of car that’s safe enough for you and your family.

But there are certain things you can look for, either when you’re searching for a new car or for newer features to add to your own car, that can increase the overall level of safety that your family has on the road. Here are three car safety features to protect your family.

Stability Control

Most cars within recent years all come with a function called stability control, which is essentially a feature responsible for keeping your car stable while you’re driving. Stability control is located within your car’s computerized features, and it’s capable of reducing the risk of your car’s tires slipping or skidding across the road. Especially when you’re traveling over uneven, rough, or wet surface areas, the tires on your car don’t always have the highest level of traction. Regardless of whether you’re driving a pickup truck or a small sedan, stability control can help to keep your car stable by increasing your tires’ traction.

This is especially important for the safety of your family when driving in rough conditions. When you’re stuck in the rain, driving on roughly paved roads, or in the thick, icy snow, stability control can keep your car steady on the right track even through poor driving conditions (1).

Blind-Spot Assist

One of the biggest contributors to poor driving techniques is blind spots. Blind spots are positions around your car that make it difficult to see whether another car is simply using the mirrors around your vehicle. Some cars have more blind spots than others, depending on how large the vehicle is. But most cars at least have one or two blind spots. Typically when you’re driving, instead of simply turning your turn light on and merging lanes, you would use your mirrors and turn your head to the left or right to view behind your car, making sure that there isn’t a vehicle that you’re turning into.

This can sometimes be tricky and even dangerous, as it requires you to take your eyes off the road. But it’s vital to ensuring safety while driving, Blind-spot assist is a feature that either involves light or a sound that can inform you of when there are cars in your blind spots. Your car essentially uses sensors to let you know when a car is within a distance of your vehicle, making merging and driving a lot easier and safer (1).


Lastly, you must have cameras hooked up to your car while you’re driving. More specifically, you’ll want to use a dashcam installation service to install a dashcam and a reversing cam as well. A dashcam can help you to record the road as you’re driving, so if anything happens you have physical evidence of it. This can especially be beneficial for times when you either witness a motor accident or if you’re in one yourself. Often times it can be difficult to accurately explain what happened in a particular car accident, making it nearly impossible to effectively determine which driver was at fault.

By having camera evidence of what happened, the police can clearly view what happened and go from there. Even more, lawyers can use dashcam videos as evidence in court if you ever need to go to those lengths. Just make sure you have experienced lawyers, like a Sherman Oaks car accident lawyer. Reversing cameras are especially helpful when you’re backing your car up since you can more clearly view what’s behind you. They can also be used to capture evidence of car accidents happening behind you or if someone rear-ends you while driving (1).


Whether you have a large minivan, SUV, or a smaller sedan, each of these car safety features can be implemented into your vehicle to help increase the safety levels of your family while driving. Some of these features can be found built into newer cars already before you purchase them, and others can be installed either by you or someone with experience in auto installations. Either way, utilizing these features is vital to keeping you and your family safe and healthy.

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