Packing Essentials: How to Simplify the Packing Process When Moving

Contributed by Meghan Belnap

One of the more time-intensive aspects of moving is packing before the movers arrive. Everything in your home must be carefully and securely packed away so that the movers can quickly and safely load it onto the truck. With the sheer volume of items in your closets, drawers, cabinets and more, this can be a truly intensive process. However, you can streamline your packing efforts by following these helpful tips.

Use a Variety of Box Sizes

Some people buy the largest boxes that they can find at a local store when preparing to move, but this is not a smart idea. Remember that you need to pack the boxes light enough that you and the movers can easily move them around. More than that, you may want to cluster some items together based on the room that they belong in. This can make it faster and easier to unpack when you are settling into your new home. A smart idea is to think about how many of each box size and style you need.

Get All Supplies up-Front

You may allocate a few hours here and there to pack up different areas of your home before your moving day. This time is best spent actually packing rather than running around town trying to find supplies. Before you begin packing, gather a reasonable number of boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, tape and a permanent marker. When you have these items handy, you can focus your attention fully on packing.

Avoid Packing Unwanted Items

A common mistake that some people make when packing is to absent-mindedly pack everything in their drawers, cabinets and more. Chances are that you have many unnecessary or unwanted items in these spaces. It does not make sense to spend time packing and unpacking them or money paying your movers to relocate them. Toss these items aside, or donate them to charity.

Seek Professional Assistance

Moving can be a very time-consuming experience, and you may discover that you simply do not have time to pack up your entire home on your own. Asking friends for help is one idea, or you can hire professionals such as Kloke Group Moving & Storage to assist you. A reputable moving company often offers packing and unpacking assistance upon request.

Remember that your ability to safely pack your items in an organized fashion and to use the appropriate materials for the job can help you to unpack faster once you get to your new home. Rather than rush through the process and toss items into a box haphazardly, use these tips to stay organized and to use your time more efficiently.

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