12 Ways to Spend a Rainy Day with Your Family

Rain may ruin some plans but it certainly brings new possibilities into people’s lives. It’s not true that sunny days inspire great things – the rainy ones also have their advantages. They are ideal for a family to spend quality time together and have fun. So, get your umbrellas ready because here come 12 ways to spend a rainy day with your family and eagerly wait for another one.

Read a book together

Books are great companions on a rainy day. But did you know you can read one together as a family? Well, there are two ways to do this. You can be the reader while others carefully listen. After every chapter something exciting happened, take a break and talk about it. Or, you can enjoy an audiobook together played from your phone or any audio device. That way everyone will be concentrated on the narrative and you can easily pause for discussions. Just remember to take breaks or kids might get bored and fall asleep. 

Watch a movie 

Watching a movie together is a great way to spend your day indoors when it’s raining. If you can’t decide what movie to watch, write the title on a piece of paper and have someone pull it out of the ball. However, don’t forget popcorns since they are an essential part of a movie day. So try some of the new recipes like brown butter and lemon or peanut butter popcorns. These novel tastes will certainly start some conversation going if your family likes them and especially if not.

Take a rainy walk

There is something magical in jumping in the puddles on a rainy day that is fun for both kids and their parents. So when that day comes, put on your raincoats and rubber boots – and go for a walk. Since most people avoid being outside in the rain, you will have enough room to experience a different side of nature. Late summer is perfect for this type of outing since it’s still warm and the rains are not too intense. Moreover, finish your rainy walk with a hearty milkshake or even lunch to replenish the energy you all spent playing in the rain. 

Put together a challenging puzzle

Challenging puzzles are tough and take time to put together. Which makes a rainy day ideal to spend with your family and talk over one. It’s a perfect way to bond with your children and, at the same time, create something you afterward frame and hang in your home. The bigger the puzzle, the more challenging it will so choose the motif wisely. Small kids may be frustrated and bored with complicated images, while older ones will appreciate the complexity of the task at hand. Also, this is something that will take a while so make an event out of it with snacks and beverages on the side.

Have fun with crafting

Sure, kids love crafts. But, you will have fun doing them, too. Crafting is a great way to relax and de-stress – something rainy days are perfect for. Holidays are a perfect theme for crafting and bring a lot of boosts of creativity. For example, Halloween is a great inspiration to DIY decorations for the yard and costumes you will be wearing when trick or treating. Winter is great to make paper snowflakes, while St. Patrick’s Day will brighten up the cloudy day with all the vibrant green crafts, like spinning shamrock

Cook together

Kids are curious by nature and will often want to participate in what you are doing. Cooking is especially interesting to them, so make a meal together on a rainy day. Since chopping ingredients are dangerous for the little ones, have them put ingredients in the pot and stir it while you are right there beside them. Older kids are, on the other hand, perfect assistants and can even improve your recipes since they like to research online and impress you. Turn the cooking into a tradition and try out new dishes on rainy days or improve the old ones by changing the recipe a bit. That will make cooking together always fun and exciting for the whole family.   

Float paper boats in the stream

One of the things that will keep the whole family artsy and active on a rainy day is floating paper boats in the stream. This is best done with heavier rainfall which will last the whole day since you need time to make your boats. Use old newspapers for the classic look and waterproof it so it doesn’t dissolve in water and ruin the fun. You can use different colored papers for each family member and raise your boats down the stream. If you want to name a ship, use a waterproof marker so it doesn’t get smudged from the water.  

Build a fort

Use chairs, blankets, and clips to build a fort where you can play with your kids, read books, and even take an afternoon nap. Place some comfortable pillows on the floor and enjoy a comfortable rainy day underneath the blanket roofing. If you want something more sophisticated, use a small tent and install it in the middle of your living room. That way you can have an indoor camping day with your family with some hot cocoa and homemade s’mores. 

Tidy up the house 

Tidying up the house doesn’t have to tedious and is a great activity for a rainy day with your family. However, don’t go overboard and plan big cleaning since the idea is to have fun. Decide to declutter that one messy drawer together or even a closet so you can donate unwanted clothes to a charity. If your kids have a lot of toys, this is a great opportunity to go through them and see what they lost interest in. Do this tidying up casually, while talking and munching on a fruit and veggie platter so that you can all make decisions together about what stays and what goes. 

Drink ice tea on the patio

Summertime has beautiful rains smelling of fresh grass and gloomy thunders. They are wonderful to watch under the shade structures outside like the patio or deck with a glass of homemade ice tea. This is a great way to show your kids that rain is also beautiful and summer storms are nothing to be scared of. You can even tell them the science behind all the lightning – kids love to know how something works.

Visit a museum

Rain is perfect to go to a museum. There are fewer crowds then, so it’s perfect to go with kids. However, choose something that would be of interest to them as a museum of astronomy or science. Museums of wax sculptures and optical illusions are very popular so see if there is one in your town. Avoid big museums unless your kids are big since little ones will get bored since they take hours to browse. 

Enjoy an afternoon of board games

Board games are, probably, the most common entertainment people choose when it’s raining. And how could it not be with so many choices? From good old classics like Clue, Monopoly, and Scrabble to more challenging adventures like Dungeons and Dragons is a fun board game to play with family and friends. You can build characters by exploring classes and reading a guide on D&D 5e Artificer, Barbarian, Monk, or any other class you choose. To win the game, you have to be the first person to get to the end of the board. The game is full of surprises and it is always interesting to see what the other players come up with. There are many different ways to play the game and it is always evolving. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun board game to play. Turn your rainy day into a game event by inviting relatives and friends to play different games with your family. When you are out of ideas, board games got you covered and entertainment 100 percent.


Rain is not a villain. There are so many ways to spend a rainy day with your family that will brighten up every moment. So, sit down as a family and make plans to spend an amazing day together while it’s raining cats and dogs outside. 


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