Design a Stylish Yet Functional Children’s Bedroom

Out of all the rooms in the house, the children’s room might be the most difficult to design. You want to create something magical for your child, but you also need to pay attention to the budget. The hardest part about designing a kid’s room might be the fact that they’re growing up. This room might impress them now, but you don’t know how they’ll feel about it in a few years. How do you fit the room to their age, make it stylish, yet still enable functionality? Do you try to create a universal room for all ages, or do you give your kid the bedroom they deserve and dream of? These tips will help you stay on the right track and give your child the brightest smile.

1. Think about storage

No matter how minimalistic you try to be, the matter of the fact is that your child will always have a lot of things in their room. The best thing you can do is to find a good way to organize the upcoming mess. Storage space is very important to think about. Instead of closing in the room with a bunch of shelves and closets, you should do something more creative.

Introduce large open baskets to the bedroom. They don’t take up a lot of space yet they can store a lot of things. Each basket can be for something else, your child will always know where a certain toy is, and you’ll have an easier time cleaning up the room together. Not only are large open baskets practical, but they can also be adorable. There are a lot of different colors and designs you can opt for, which will make organizing the room even more fun. The baskets can match the paint on the walls or can be of a completely opposite color to introduce beauty through contrast.

2. Maximizing space

Children’s bedrooms aren’t usually that big, which means you’ll have to be creative about how you arrange furniture. It’s best to put furniture against the walls so that the middle of the room is free and open. This also makes the space seem bigger and gives your child a very nice playing zone. 

Another benefit of having furniture up against walls, especially the bed, is that there’s less chance of your kid being scared of monsters under the bed. There will simply be less room for monsters to hide and lurk.

3. Rethink the closet

Of course, your child will need a closet in their room. You could choose the most beautiful closet in the store, but the thing is, it won’t be much use if it isn’t kid-friendly. The closet in your children’s room needs to be child-accessible. Remember that they’re much shorter and smaller than you are, which means they might have trouble picking out their clothes if you don’t adjust the closet to them. For that you will need a custom closet, you can get an awesome kid-friendly custom closet design from this Florida manufacturer.

Lower the hangers and the shelves, but also give them a sturdy stool to use for extra help. A child ladder isn’t a bad idea either. This will teach your kids independence, they’ll get to dress themselves, but they’ll also have a stylish closet they can keep for years.

4. The essential furniture

Every room needs quality furniture. When it comes to kid’s furniture, the possibilities are endless. From racing car beds to small vanity mirrors, your child could have it all. When it comes to beds, you can go for something fun and age-fitting, but perhaps it’s more sensible to invest in a high-quality bed right away. Buying your child a big mattress means they’ll be able to sleep on it even when they grow up. They might lose the race car bed dream, but they’ll sleep much better for years to come. You can always customize with age-appropriate bed sets.

You’ll also want to think about a desk. This is something they’ll also need for years to come, so you can splurge on a swanky and quality desk without feeling guilty. Schoolwork will be a breeze when they’ve got a good place to do it. The chair is something you can experiment with and change often to fit their preferences and age, as desk chairs usually aren’t that expensive. Finally, don’t forget about the dresser and a big toy chest. Though the dresser can be more “serious” and fit for adults so as to serve them well in the future, the toy chest can be as quirky and colorful as the child wishes. 

5. The theme

Every swanky and functional kid’s bedroom needs a theme. It doesn’t have to be anything grand, but you should incorporate your children’s interests in the room any way you can. If you want to keep the basic layout of the room even when your kid grows up, make sure the theme is easily replaceable. They might be crazy about something right now, but chances are, they’ll grow out of it in a few years. You don’t want to have to redo the whole room all over again.

That’s why decor pieces, toys, bedding, and wall art are the perfect choices. You can involve your child in picking these out, and thus make the room feel even more like theirs. Figurines, clocks, lamps, and even some furniture can be customized to fit their interests. When it comes to furniture, though, it’s best to focus on things they’ll grow out of to make the room functional for years to come.


Though it may be hard decorating a room that isn’t for you and still giving it functionality, you can do it with these tips. A kid’s childhood bedroom is something that will always stay with the child, which is why it’s important to devote some time and attention to it. You’ll be able to give the room new shine, style, and functionality that will make your children’s early years that much happier and more memorable. Don’t be surprised if you can’t get them to come out of the bedroom after the renovations are done.

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