7 Ways You Can Reinvent Kitchen While Spending Less

The kitchen has a special role in homes all around the world. It’s not only a place designated for preparing meals but also a room where the whole family gathers and spends time together. Having that in mind, it’s important that it’s both functional and visually appealing. However, creating a functional and inviting kitchen without spending a fortune may seem impossible. If you want to take the plunge without breaking a bank, we have some good news for you. Here are some easy cheap ways that will help you get the kitchen of your dreams.

1. Give Your Cabinets an Upgrade

Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on new kitchen cabinets, why don’t you check out custom kitchen cabinets? Or if you’re adamant about doing it yourself, simply repaint them. You can make it a fun DIY project and even include other members of your family in the process. Before you start, make sure you clean all the surfaces thoroughly. If there are any holes, you can fill them in with wood putty. By sanding wood cabinets, you’ll get rid of oily stains, possible scratches and old colours that you wish to change. Finally, choose the colour for your new loving kitchen and start painting.

2. Change the Countertops

Deciding to refurbish your cabinets instead of buying new ones will save you a lot of money. That will allow you to invest in new countertops. If you do some research and visit the local home improvement stores, you’ll find that there is a variety of high-quality countertops available on sale. Granite countertops are usually the first choice for most people, but you can also opt for resin which is great for covering concrete countertops. The right countertops can completely transform the overall look of your kitchen, so think about cabinetry, your kitchen style and also the budget before making your choice.

However, changing countertops shouldn’t require you to spend a considerable amount of money. This is where DIY concrete countertops enter the picture. Unlike other types of countertops, the concrete counterpart has several benefits, including heat and stain resistance, increased durability and strength, and enhanced designs. In addition, they’re easy to clean and maintain.

Moreover, adding concrete countertops can be less costly, especially if you decide to make them yourself. Fortunately, there are video tutorials and other essential tips to guide you in creating concrete countertops. Some materials can help make the creation process much easier for you. For example, you may consider using concrete moulding and casting materials to create the desired product. Once you have the right materials and equipment, you can reinvent your kitchen with your new concrete countertops while spending less. 

Lastly, you should remember that the right countertops can completely transform the overall look of your kitchen, so think about cabinetry, your kitchen style and also the budget before making your choice.

3. Give Your Sink a Fresh Look

It seems that this year it’s all about the kitchen. When it comes to home improvement, there’s an ongoing trend in countries like Australia, where people are spending more and more time and effort to make this room the focal point of the house. And if we talk about the most prominently used area in the kitchen, we can all agree that it’s definitely a sink. Having that said, you basically have two options – to repaint your existing sink or buy a new one.  It will make your entire kitchen look trendier. By adding a stylish faucet, you’ll add that shiny final touch to your new kitchen.

4. Light It Up!

Playing with lights and light switches may be one of the easiest and least expensive ways to reinvent your kitchen. A general rule of thumb is to choose warm lighting if you want to give your kitchen a welcoming feel. For example, adding energy-efficient wall sconces or pendant lights may help improve the ambience of your kitchen, making it more refreshing. You may also try using countertop lighting to give your countertops a more inviting look. Aside from illumination, it may serve as task lighting when you’re doing something in the kitchen. 

Aside from the lights, another great way is to replace the light switch panels. Make sure they match the hardware and the general style of your kitchen.

5. Declutter

Most people who tend to spend hours in the kitchen would agree on the fact that you can never have enough free space. If you’re dealing with clutter and a messy kitchen, it’s no wonder you don’t like spending your time there. Whether or not you believe in feng shui or not, one thing is certain – decluttering will drastically transform your kitchen without spending more money. Empty your cabinets and drawers and sort things out. Set aside everything you haven’t used in a long time together with the things that need to be replaced. Toss the food that has expired. Wash the cabinets before you put back plates, cups, or other small appliances. You can use that extra room to reorganise utensils and make everything nice and neat. Now you can enjoy a more functional and spacious kitchen.  

6. Update the Hardware

Cabinet handles and drawer pulls may go unnoticed in comparison to countertops and cabinets, but you’d be surprised by the difference they can make in updating your kitchen. Take a look around your kitchen and notice just how many of them there are. The average kitchen has around 40 pulls and knobs. Having that in mind, it’s highly advisable to look around your local home improvement stores in search of an affordable set of hardware. From vintage to minimalistic, there is a great variety of options to choose from. Look for those that best suit your kitchen style.

7. Add a Splash of Color

The latest home design trends suggest that white kitchens are out. It seems that the general rule for this year is – the bolder, the better. Create a theme or a colour palette and stick to it. What’s great about playing with colours is its versatility. You can decide to go big and repaint the cabinets or tiles, but you can also make a difference with accessories. Decide on your primary colours and apply them to everything from kitchen towels and knobs to appliances. Sticking to your colour palette will make everything look more put together.

Also, if you don’t want to paint every wall to add a splash of colour, then painting a fun accent wall may be an excellent idea. It can help transform your kitchen space with a bright pop of colour while spending less.


Renovating your kitchen doesn’t have to be an overwhelming or ridiculously expensive task. Following these useful ideas will get you inspired and with a little time and effort, you’ll easily transform your kitchen into a warm and welcoming space for the whole family to enjoy.


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