The Best Time of the Year to Buy Kitchen Cabinets

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You finally decided: this year, you want to replace all your pre-assembled kitchen cabinets. Your old ones have already met the end of their cycle, and it’s time for them to go out – and make room for new ones. 

You’ve already thought about what you needed. You want certain styles. You’ll need the right heights and widths to fit your kitchen, including enough space for your high wattage microwave high wattage microwave. You might also need space for a double oven. There’s so much more you realize once you start looking for cabinetry, learn more at The list may continue for an eternity.

The problem here is that kitchen cabinets tend to be kind of expensive – particularly during certain seasons. So, when should you actually go and order those cabinets? Is there a “right time of the year” when you ought to remodel? Are the cabinets any cheaper during a particular season – or are the chances higher for you to find some qualitative models? Well, this article will allow you to find the answers to your questions. 

Cycling Around the Family Schedule

For some people, the best time of the year to remodel the kitchen cabinets is when the family actually has time to do so. It might not be very expensive to grab some paint to dab on your kitchen cabinets – but if you do not have the time to do so, then it is all meaningless. 

Remodeling your kitchen cabinets is bound to cause some inconveniences in your home, as it tends to leave a mess all around the place. For this reason, the best time of the year to remodel is the “slow season,” when people tend to have the most time on their schedule to do what they need.

For example, some people like to remodel their kitchen cabinets during summer, as the kids are then gone on summer vacation to their grandparents or are at camp. At the same time, others prefer the cold season, as many jobs are not as demanding when the weather is freezing outside. It all depends on your availability.

Weather Considerations

Remodeling your kitchen cabinets is something you may easily do throughout the year – no matter if it is summer or winter. However, what is true is that most people tend to remodel during the warm season – as it is much easier to find dry surfaces and move around. For this reason, it can be quite difficult to find a contractor that won’t be putting you on hold for weeks. 

In this regard, you may say that the best time of the year to remodel your kitchen cabinets is during the cold season (November or December). During this time, no one is piling up to remodel – which is why it might be much easier for you to find a good contractor. 

Plus, you might find them at a better deal, with a lower price, as the demand for them is not that high anymore. This leaves you a bit more wiggle room for negotiations, as contractors are actually very anxious to strike a good deal then. 

Looking for Seasonal Discounts

If money is your concern here and you want to buy your pre-assembled kitchen cabinets on a lower budget, then you may want to look for seasonal discounts. For example, during Black Friday discounts (usually occurring in November), you have a great chance of finding a good deal for your kitchen cabinets. 

In the weeks before Christmas, the chances are also high that you will find some nice low-priced cabinets – as very few people tend to remodel exactly before the holidays. As a result, manufacturers lower the price to sell their products. Therefore, if you already have some storage space where you can keep those cabinets until after the Holidays end, then you might find yourself with a good deal. 

April to May is also a good time to shop for these supplies, as the seasonal discounts tend to apply during this time as well. You don’t need to remodel right away – but it’s best to buy them in advance and install them when you have the time. Having the kitchen cabinets and the other supplies at hand will also allow you to easily keep track of your timeline. 

Final Thoughts  

The best time of the year to remodel your pre-assembled cabinets will depend on you, mostly. For some, the best time is when they have the most time on their hands. For others, it’s when the products are the cheapest. Where price is concerned, November and December (or cold seasons, depending on the place) are likely the most convenient, followed closely by April and May – but in truth, the choice is all up to your possibilities. If you want extra money to cover the costs of kitchen cabinets, you could obtain quick funding by applying for a title loan!


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