10 Things Every Bride-to-Be Secretly Wants

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Many brides-to-be have a few things that they want but don’t want to admit. They might not say because they are embarrassed or think that they’re being too picky. Or they might hope that their partner will know without being told! Here are 10 things every bride-to-be secretly wants.

Weddings are special occasions, but it can be difficult to get them exactly right, where everyone is totally happy with all aspects of it. You might be a bride-to-be anxious not to forget anything that is important to you for your wedding day. Or you might be the partner of the bride-to-be, desperate to ensure you don’t disappoint them! Either way, here are 10 things every bride-to-be wants, whether they admit it or not!

1. To Feel Like A Princess

Many brides have an idea of their wedding is like one of their childhood fairytales, where they get to play the part of a princess. So how do you help to ensure this happens? Simple! Make sure the bride feels special, pampered and taken care of. Get little thoughtful gifts for her to make her feel loved, hire a makeup artist and a wedding planner who can make her day easier, book a special venue with lots of attention to detail, and above all else, let her know how much you appreciate her.

2. The Perfect Dress 

The dress is probably one of the most important parts of any wedding. All brides want a dress that is flattering and beautiful, yet comfortable enough to last the entire day and night. Shopping for the perfect dress is a time-consuming process that requires patience, and having a trusted friend or family member to help can make it a much more enjoyable experience.

3. A Special Ring

This is traditionally the responsibility of the groom, but it pays to get input from the bride-to-be. She will want a ring that is unique and special, something that will stand out from the crowd. It can be difficult to find perfect rings for every bride, and everyone has a different budget. But remember that unlike the wedding day, the engagement ring and wedding ring will be worn for a lifetime. That’s why searching for a standout option is a must, such as a cushion-cut diamond style ring.

4. Plenty of Photos

No bride wants her special day to pass by in a blur, so it’s always important to capture the moment. It’s worth investing in a professional photographer, who will be able to snap some stunning photos that you and your family will treasure forever. You could also consider having a videographer to capture memories of your special day in moving images too! Remember to hire a photographer and videographer to capture the preparations and the end of the evening too. It means you’ll have to hire someone for a full day, but it will ensure the wedding is captured from all angles.

5. A Relaxed Atmosphere

Creating a relaxed atmosphere is crucial for any bride-to-be. Make sure you plan plenty of time between the ceremony and the reception, allowing everyone to have time to relax and catch up with family and friends. Ensure that the food is delicious, the drinks are flowing and the music is upbeat – but not too loud. A relaxed atmosphere can also be created in the small details, whether it’s the table decorations being a bit more whimsical, or handing out flip-flops to guests so they can ditch their uncomfortable formal shoes for a while!

6. A Stress-Free Day

No bride wants to be a stressed-out mess on her wedding day, so it’s worth investing in a wedding planner who can take some of the pressure off. They will be able to recommend venues, vendors, and suppliers – plus manage the day of running to ensure everything runs smoothly. A good wedding planner will gain constant input from the bride and groom but will bring them none of the stress of the logistics.

7. To Feel Beautiful

Every bride wants to feel beautiful on her special day, and it’s important to make sure she does. Book an appointment with a hair and makeup artist for a trial before the big day. This will ensure that everything is perfect for the wedding, and it also gives the bride an opportunity to relax and have some pampering time.

8. A Memorable Honeymoon

The ideal honeymoon should be romantic and unforgettable, so make sure you plan something special. Whether it’s jetting off to a tropical paradise or hopping on a cruise, make sure you create the perfect itinerary for the two of you.

9. A Fun Reception

No wedding is complete without a fun reception – after all, this is where all the dancing and fun takes place. Hire a good DJ who knows all the latest tracks, and make sure there’s plenty of food and drinks. It’s also worth making sure there are plenty of activities, such as a photo booth or lawn games for the guests.

10. A Happily Ever After

Above all else, a bride-to-be wants her happily ever after. No matter how perfect the wedding day is, it’s all about the marriage that follows. Make sure you set aside some time for just the two of you after the wedding, whether that’s a romantic night away or a mini-moon. The wedding day is just the start of your journey together!

These are the 10 things that every bride-to-be secretly wants on her special day. There are many more details that can be added to the list, and it’s important to ensure that all of them come together to make the day truly special. Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and effort – but it’s definitely worth it to make sure your perfect day goes off without a hitch!

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