Your Kid Broke the Neighbor’s Window? 4 Tips on How To Fix It 

Kids will be kids, but it can be a hassle to learn about playtime turning into something difficult to deal with. If your child has broken your neighbor’s window, you may be wondering about what you can do to fix it. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may be able to repair the window yourself or you may need to replace it. Keep some of these tips in mind to better determine the right way forward.

Secure the Area

The first thing you will want to do is secure the area around the broken window. This means removing any glass that is still in place and cleaning up any debris. You will also want to put something in place of the glass so that no one gets hurt. A piece of plywood or cardboard can work well for this.

Tape Up the Broken Window

Once you have secured the area, you can start working on repairing the window itself. If there are only a few small pieces of glass missing, you may be able to get away with just taping up the hole with duct tape or packing tape as a short-term fix. Consult with your neighbor and be prepared to pay for a specialist’s help in the future, as the tape will not be a permanent solution for the problem.

Use Glue or Caulk

If you and your neighbor can agree on another solution that may suit their aesthetic needs without compromising the window’s security, using glue or caulk can be another solution. This can be particularly helpful for bigger holes or cracks, though you will have to make sure that your application is even and careful to avoid making the problem worse. You should also take care that whatever product you use is designed for use on windows so that it does not damage the material further down the road.

Replace the Entire Window

If the damage to the window is too severe, you may need to replace it entirely. This is a more involved repair, but it will ensure that the window is back to normal and working properly. For these types of repairs, if you have the materials already lying around, it can be a good idea to talk to an expert to get a thorough window glass replacement done. This would include getting the exact measurements as well as careful installation of the pane. Additionally, during the consultation, it’s important to note if the window has any unique features such as tempered glass. 

The way you handle this type of issue can have an effect on your relationship with your neighbor in the future. It is best to be as thorough and careful with repairs as possible to encourage future goodwill.

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