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When most people think about women’s clinics, they think about pregnancy tests and condoms. While handing out condoms and conducting pregnancy tests are definitely in a clinic’s wheelhouse, there are many more ways in which they help women – and men – navigate fertility issues. Whether it be free women’s clinic or a clinic that specializes in helping with things like in vitro fertilization and high-risk pregnancy, it’s worth knowing that women’s clinics are great resources for helping women through a challenging time.

You’re Pregnant. What Now?

If you’re not a woman with a good healthcare plan, you may not already have a gynecologist with whom you’re comfortable. A visit to your local women’s clinic can provide you with some ideas on what your next steps are in terms of your pregnancy. Clinics will provide you with testing to verify your status. Many also offer ultrasounds that will help determine how far along you are. So many women feel overwhelmed when they find out about a pregnancy. It doesn’t have to be like that. Clinics can provide you with the facts you need to make informed decisions; they can also provide a place for you to connect with others so you don’t feel isolated and weighed down by your situation.

The Staff

You’ll need guidance and good information. Clinics provide access to gynecologists, obstetricians, and nurses who can answer a variety of questions. Some clinics include midwives and doulas on staff so you’ll have options for your baby’s delivery beyond just the obstetrics wing of your local hospital. You might even be able to find a clinic with a nutritionist on staff. This is especially helpful if you’re one of the women who develop a pregnancy condition like gestational diabetes or anemia. You should be expected to be treated with friendly, non-judgmental respect by each person on staff at your local clinic.

Meeting Your Needs

Among the many questions, you can get answered at your clinic, are those about what your body will need during your pregnancy. Each woman’s body handles pregnancy in a unique way. You will gain weight at a different pace than your own mother did. Your co-worker may have different cravings. Don’t compare yourself to others with a view toward thinking you’re “doing it wrong.” Understand that as the women around you share their own pregnancy stories, they’re simply trying to provide you with a range of possibilities that you might experience. Talk to the professionals about any real concerns you have. Trust your instincts about what you need to press for more information.

Learning Opportunities

Your clinic or doctor’s office may recommend you take some classes. Many clinics have classes available to their patients. A birthing class can be very helpful, as it allows new parents to learn what to expect at the same time it offers an opportunity to bond with others in similar situations. You may also want to take a parenting class. No one is born knowing how to change a diaper or what to do when your baby has colic.

Getting all the help you need with your pregnancy is easier if you know what resources are available to you.  

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