The Business of Retail: How to Run a Successful Store

There are many opportunities for retail business around the world. There are thousands of consumer products out there and other services that you can sell at a profit. However, running a successful store goes beyond selling quality products, good pricing, and marketing. Here are a few guidelines to run a retail store successfully.

Determine the Best Location

A large number of the retail store’s customers are people that live and work in the locality. Therefore, the location of the retail premises has a lot to do with the accessibility of the business by the customers. A good location is the one where customers can visit in the course of their daily business.

In addition, consider a location that is not next to a competitive retail business. Otherwise, you will lose a share of the market to the competitor. Research the demographics of the area too as it helps you know the characteristics of the target audience.


You may not stock all the items that there is. However, your store should have pretty much of what is consumed in the area. Visit the stores around and check what products are stored.

Moreover, the arrangement and display of various products affect sales volumes. Make it easy for your clients to spot different common brands at a glance. If you store specific items such as children’s wear, electronics or sanitary products, vary the items as per brands, styles and price levels to appeal to a wider audience.

Invest in Technology

Technology makes your operations easy and accurate. It also helps you cut labor costs and improve the service delivery. Instead of the manual bookkeeping, consider buying financial management software. Companies such as Austech Weighing Pty Ltd. advise that you install point of sale systems at the cashier for speed and accuracy when serving your customers. You should also have management software for managing various business operations.


You have to let the target customers know of your existence and the items on offer. Combine both offline and online marketing strategies to capture the interest of your prospects. When it comes to online marketing, consider running a social media page, a website and taking advantage of such tools as Google Local. Offline marketing strategies include storefront advertising, digital outdoor advertising, displays, and sale offer among others. You can also use coupons and mass media to advertise your retail store.

Running a successful retail store involves quality financial management, operational efficiency, and excellent customer service. Ensure that your customers are excited to buy from you. In addition, hire professional staff with the capacity to handle various aspects of your business operations.


Contributed by Lizzie Weakley

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