Why Neutral Staples are Essential for Styling Minimalist Outfits

We can’t speak for everyone, but we have found that fast fashion and super-specific seasonal pieces are not made for the long haul. Having a closet full of “wear once and then replace” items are not sustainable, but you know what is? Basic, neutral-toned, closet staples — those tried and true pieces you know you can rely on to make a look work. A closet centered on earth-toned minimalist apparel makes for an effortless and timeless wardrobe that you can wear season after season.


The expression less is more rings true when it comes to minimalism fashion. A great rule of thumb for a minimalist sense of style is to invest in a handful of neutral-colored, quality pieces you can mix and match in a variety of different ways. Quality over quantity and versatility is the name of the game. Having a reliable rotation of foundational pieces, like everyday tops, chunky knits, chic skirts, and go-to denim makes getting dressed for work, school, or play easy!


Experimenting with bright colors and bold patterns is fun, but nothing compares to the euphoria of finding a pair of jeans you can live in or discovering the perfect, crisp white tee. Every good wardrobe needs its building blocks and pieces like these should be the bedrock. After all, sometimes a simple, understated outfit really is best. Basics like button-downs, boutique tank tops, a trench coat, and a ribbed sweater serve as timeless, go-to pieces you can wear over and over again in a number of ways. Shop for women’s tops online that don’t have a ton of bells and whistles and can be styled to look brand new again each time you wear them. Neutral staples are inherently subtle, making them the ideal choice for a minimalist look.


Very few trends have stood the test of time the way minimalist fashion has. Will white sneakers, graphic tees, or button-downs ever go out of style? We think not. Minimalism appeals to the masses not only for its classic, chic aesthetic but also because its style is in the most efficient form. When you strip your closet down to essential items that match everything, you’re left with effortless combinations that can be dressed up or dressed down to be appropriate for almost any occasion. Another major win for neutrals — they are appropriate for the office and for happy hour!


Neutral, earth tones are referred to as “hues without color”. Think black, white, and beige. These are shades you don’t often see on your primary color wheel. But neutral colors are far from boring. They are not warm or cool colors, which helps to tone down their more bold counterparts. Technically, neutrals are considered shades and not colors which means they can mix and match easily and almost always blend well with virtually anything. Bright colors like reds, blues, or greens may not perfectly match shades, which severely limits your ability to mix pieces and make multiple outfits. Neutrals are your base shades. Use these to build your capsule wardrobe as they coordinate well. 


Wearing neutral colors allows space for experimentation in other areas, like fabric. A textured material adds a layer of visual interest to your outfit without having to sport an attention-grabbing color. Textured clothing worn in a subdued palette is perfect for pulling off the ultimate minimalist look — a monochromatic outfit. A handful of our favorite closet essentials revolve around texture. Chunky knits and ribbed anything is at the top of our must-haves list. Texture easily adds personality to any outfit!

Style Tips

We know that neutrals are essential for styling minimalist wardrobes, but how do we pull it all together, and with what pieces? Check out these style tips:

  1. When in doubt, go with white. Contrary to popular belief, white is an all-season hue. White pairs well with any color, but especially other neutral shades.
  2. Accessories are your best friend. Neutral tones can be brightened up with colored accessories. They are the perfect finishing touches.
  3. Complementary tones are the key to a neutral, minimalist style. Slightly different shades of the same color exude effortless sophistication. 
  4. Get creative, and play with different textures and prints. Experiment with fabrics, mix suede and lace — have fun with it!
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