Who Can Be a Surrogate Mother In Ukraine?

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Thousands of families around the world dream of having a healthy, happy baby. It is possible to make this dream come true even if you have health problems. Surrogacy in Ukraine is the choice that will help you feel the joy of parenthood. Today we will talk about which Ukrainian women can become a Surrogate mother. And consider the particularities of surrogacy in this country.

Ukraine surrogacy requirements

Firstly, the physical condition and health of the woman are important. The age limit for surrogate mothers in Ukraine is 20-35. Women undergo a full medical examination to exclude any health risks and to assess their reproductive potential at a particular time in their lives. It is also mandatory to have at least 1 child of one’s own. This is confirmation that the mother can bear a healthy child, understands all the physical and psychological aspects of pregnancy.
The surrogate must have a solid mental and emotional state because the surrogacy process can be extremely draining. To determine whether a surrogate is psychologically ready for the surrogacy procedure, psychological evaluations are usually performed.

As you know, the future surrogate mother must undergo a complete and thorough medical examination. Not only her physical health, but also her mental health. Therefore, only a woman who is

  •  is completely healthy, with no chronic illnesses or other conditions that could affect the course of the pregnancy;
  •  is mentally healthy, has a stable psycho-emotional state, is not depressed, etc;
  • has at least one healthy child of her own (this is mandatory);
  • is between the ages of 25 and 35;
  • has no bad habits or addictions.

Clinics are very careful in choosing women for the role of surrogate mother, so you can not worry or have any apprehensions about it.

What Else Is Important?

Are you planning to become a parent and using the services of a surrogate in Ukraine? We strongly recommend that you seek legal advice. In particular, HermanFamily offers support to prospective parents. You won’t have to learn the peculiarities of local legislation or struggle with a language barrier on your own. You and your parents are in safe hands.

Finally, some useful advice for future parents:

  • Ask about the full cost of surrogacy services in advance. This will help you calculate a complete budget for all medical expenses. Set aside some money for unexpected payments.
  • Find out in advance from the lawyers what papers will need to be prepared. Get your documents in order.
  • Don’t understand? Ask! Do not be afraid to ask additional questions of doctors and lawyers, and be meticulous. After all, the decision to become parents is, without exaggeration, one of the most important decisions in the life of anyone who dreams of it.

Be prepared to make several trips to Ukraine, so think about your travel and accommodation options in advance. We wish you good luck!

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