What You Should Know Before You Buy an iMac in 2022

Buying an iMac in 2022 can be a daunting task for someone who does not know about all the iMac features. Therefore, before you decide to purchase an iMac for your needs, it is necessary to know the device first. 

Each version of the iMac has its own specific features and professional uses, each catering to different types of professionals. Both the iMac and the iMac Pro are loaded with features that make it the best buy for industry professionals. 

iMac Mini 

The iMac Mini is the cheapest and the most basic version of the iMac. This device is considerably smaller than the other versions of the iMac. It is designed to fit even in the most miniature desks at your home or office. This budget-friendly iMac is perfect for your needs if you have less working space.

The iMac Mini is powered by the latest generation of the Apple M1 processor. This speedy octa-core processor integrates all the processing power of the CPU and GPU in one single chip. The iMac Mini had been using the M1 processor since its upgrade recently in 2020.

The iMac Mini also features snappy multitasking with 16 GB of RAM. The computer has 2 TB of SSD for storing your files and data, providing enough storage solutions to all professionals. Coupled with the latest M1 processor, the computer grants you fast multitasking capabilities in a compact area.


The iMac is the original version of all the Apple computers. This type of device is known as an all-in-one computer. The iMac houses the motherboard, CPU, GPU, and other components of the PC all behind the monitor. If space was ever an issue in your house or office, then buying an iMac will be of great help.

This device comes with an impressive 24-inch monitor that supports a fantastic 4.5K Retina display. The screen is also 11.5 mm in size, making the computer very thin and light, weighing less than 5 kgs. You will also find a webcam on top of the screen, which records high-quality 1080p videos.

The iMac boasts an impressive M1 processor, which provides unparalleled productivity in terms of speed and stability. Multitasking will never be an issue for professionals who want to use the iMac to its fullest extent. The M1 chip works well with 16GB of RAM for superb multitasking. 

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iMac Pro

The iMac Pro is the ultimate variant of the iMac. Designed flawlessly with creativity and productivity in mind, this is the best iMac for artists and professionals from all fields. 

The iMac Pro sports an impressive 27-inch mini-LED display that is big enough for all your needs, even watching movies. Its ProMotion display technology allows the screen to refresh frames at 120fps, which projects high-quality HDR videos without any stuttering.

The stand-out feature of the iMac Pro compared to other versions is the use of the M1 Pro and M1 processors. Both the processors have ten internal cores, which provides blazing-fast performance. The M1 Pro comes with 16 cores of GPU, while the M1 Max houses 32 cores of GPU. 

This computer is made with performance in mind, as you can expect no lag or slowdowns of any kind while working. The iMac Pro is set to release a newer version of the device later this year which comes with the M1 Max chipsets. 

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Which iMac should you buy?

Now that all details of the iMac are explained, we come to the main question – which one should you buy? Ultimately, it all boils down to your specific professional needs and your budget. 

Keep in mind that an iMac is the least recommended if you want to purchase it for your gaming needs. This is because iOS supports very little gaming and is meant mainly for artists and professionals. 

The iMac Mini is best suited if you have less space to set up your computer. It is also considerably cheaper than the other variants, and also easy to fit in your room or office. The iMac Pro is targeted chiefly towards graphic designers and coders who need to compile large amounts of data in a short time. 

The standard iMac serves as the midpoint for all your needs, providing good performance at lesser costs. The iMac is the best buy for you if you do not need the extra performance. The M1 chipsets are potent processors that are designed to complement all your professional activities. Multitasking will feel like a breeze in the iMac Pro, which provides unrivalled performance with any other computer in this price segment. 

The iMac Mini is the cheapest and the smallest one and costs around Rs.65,000. The standard version of the iMac costs almost double – Rs. 1,20,000. The iMac Pro is the most expensive, costing you around Rs. 2,00,000.

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