Penetration Testing is Beneficial for Small Businesses

Because everyone on the planet is currently waging war against enemies that the naked eye cannot see, more and more businesses are setting up shop on the internet. Such helps protect not only entrepreneurs and their employees but also their customers.

If you are running a modest money-making venture online, refrain from assuming that being attacked by cybercriminals should be the least of your worries. About 87% of small online business owners believe that they are safe from cyberattacks. Refrain from having the same assumption because cyber criminals target small businesses, too, and approximately half of their victims close up shop within the next six months.

Conduction of penetration testing by experts is a must, especially because the world is teeming these days with lots of online businesses, big and small alike, which fills with delight the hearts of crooks operating on the internet.

Why Cybercriminals Love Small Businesses

The primary reason why cybercriminals are just as fond of targeting small online businesses as their larger counterparts is obvious. It is none other than small enterprise owners usually have minimal to no cybersecurity, thinking that they are not targets.

Unfortunately, such misconceptions can create a vicious circle that small online business owners may have a difficult time escaping. Since they believe that they are out of harm’s way, they refrain from investing in essential cybersecurity measures. And because they are devoid of protection from cybercriminals, hackers target them even more due to the ease that comes with it.

Not all crooks using the web as their platform are capable of circumventing some of today’s most sophisticated cybersecurity measures. The not-so-proficient ones end up flocking to small online ventures whose protection is weak at best.

Essential for Staying Afloat and Profitable

No one knows for how long the current pandemic will persist. It doesn’t mean, however, that you should quit making long-term plans for your source of income. Suppose the goal is to ensure that it is up and running for as long as necessary. In that case, vulnerabilities must be detected and dealt with through penetration testing that experts conduct.

Being attacked by a cybercriminal can mean disaster to an online business, big or small, in more ways than one. However, the downtime resulting from the unfortunate incident can certainly result in the loss of sales and, ultimately, profits.

Falling victim to a cyberattack can easily reveal that your small online business is not reliable and secure, and this can have a terrible impact on your brand. It can cause your current and prospective customers to think twice before going for your products or services. As a result of this, it is likely for them to turn to your direct competition instead.

Before You Proceed With Running Your Venture

Refrain from assuming that your small online business is not appealing to cybercriminals. The truth is that many crooks operating on the internet find it the perfect target. With so many businesses running in cyberspace these days, which means that even one simple mistake could result in closing up shop, yours must be kept out of harm’s way.

Because of this, it is a must that you invest in its security and protection by getting in touch with a company consisting of a team of certified and experienced penetration testers. It doesn’t come free of charge. However, it can guarantee you protection from cyberattacks that can cost you your small online business’s life.

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  1. I could not agree more with this. Developing platforms and solutions for small businesses is tricky and penetration testing does actually help make it secure.

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