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If you are planning to move to the USA, the length of time doesn’t matter. But what will matter is the culture shock you will be in after reaching America. This culture shock is for both those who speak and do not speak English.

If you are from a country that does not prioritize the English language, then it will be more difficult for you to settle in. To counterblow this part, you should know about all the cultural differences as much as possible before starting your trip. So, let’s get started with the differences you might need to know and remember.

Moving To The USA Without A Job Isn’t Easy

The first and foremost thing you will need to move to the USA is a visa. Families, employment, and education will have permanent visas. If you don’t have a job and are thinking of settling in the USA, you can but when you fly to America you need to be accompanied by someone who has a job. And if you are moving in with your company then they will sponsor your application. Suppose a job posting in the USA is asking for payment for visa or training materials or administration fees in advance, then identify it as a scam, because it is.

A Green Card Is Not Necessary 

A Green card provides permanent residency whereas the related visa will only allow working for a specific employer. If you are in the USA and working you will need the related visa, which is a work permit Green card. If you are not interested in a Green card then you will have to find a US citizen who will sponsor your application. This entire process can take months or even years, depending on the type of migration you are asking for.

Paperwork Is Must

Be in touch with an immigration lawyer, for example, Border Defense Network, a sponsor, or an employer, because you will need your documents ready before getting out of the airport and entering the USA. Your documents must be in English, if they are not, you have to get them translated and apostilled. 

Make sure you have them right in your hand luggage because as soon as you get off the plane, you will be asked to provide all details about yourself. 

Here is the list of documents you need to be ready with:

  1. Passport, your ID card. Make sure your passport has a six-month validity.
  2. Visa documents
  3. CV and signed papers or contract from the company you are going to work for.
  4. Marriage certificate and divorce certificate too if you have any.
  5. Academic certificates.
  6. Medical insurance policies. Certificates and history as well as vaccination records.
  7. Bank investments and statements details
  8. Driving licence 
  9. Religious certificates


If there is no one in the USA already, who will welcome you in their house, then you must organize your accommodations before flying to the USA. There are options for you to rent or buy an apartment for moving home.  

It won’t be stressful because finding and getting a place to stay in America is bearable. Rental prices are very reasonable, whereas housing prices are a bit expensive especially if you live in a popular area. If you want a famous place to live then you can apply for a home loan and provide them with your home loan documentation. You can also go for hotel rooms, till you find a place to stay.

Work Culture 

In America, there is no such thing as a work hour per week. Generally, an employee is supposed to work 8- 8.5 hours per day or 40-44 hours per week. 

Other cultures might find the American style of working a bit peculiar, but their employees believe in working as a team. Teamwork makes the team strong and focused, obviously, it varies from company to company, but the New York work culture is global and very competitive. 

Cost Of Living

Apart from the other conditions you also need to take the transport and education costs into consideration. 


When it comes to transport, people of America prefer driving everywhere. In big cities, public transport gets very pricey. The subway card in New York will cost you $100 and trains to the outskirts, will cost way more.


In terms of education, you have state and private schools in America. A lot of children move out from the suburbs for a higher quality of education, which is only possible in the city. Some of them stay where they are because life is quieter in the suburbs. 

Medical Insurance Is a Must

If you are from a country where the state has sponsored healthcare for you, then the US medical system can surprise you to the bones. You will need to carefully choose your medical provider and understand where to go in an emergency, such as AFC urgent care Medical procedures here, as well as prescriptions, can cost a lot more than in your home country.

Even a night stay in a hospital in the USA is expensive. Therefore medical insurance is a must.


Every country has its own culture, work culture, ethics, and rules. It is up to you how much you can adapt and cope with. If you are planning to move to America then this article is going to be very helpful for you. 

The first thing you need to do before flying to America is find a place to stay and consider getting home insurance soon. Identify and stay away from scams. These are the 7 main points to focus on, after planning to move to America. 

Leave a comment below, if this article has helped you in any way, and share your experience with us. 

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