What Makes Tablets Better Than the Smartphone?

Tablets are steadily growing in demand within the Indian Electronics market. They have been proven to have the upper hand over smartphones, and often, over laptops. In this article, we shall discuss the reasons that make tablets a better option than smartphones. 

Functionality and productivity

When it comes to functionality and productivity, tablets remain unchallenged. They are small, lightweight and durable, making them convenient enough to carry around from one place to another. 

And that is not just it; they offer extreme comfort while working on the go, increasing your productivity. Android tablets help you get work done with their excellent features, including smooth connectivity and ease of access. 

They are equipped with full-sized keyboards for working comfortably. In addition, they help read PDFs and documents, graphic designing and more.

Currently, most tablets come with the 2 in 1 device feature, which allows you to seamlessly switch between the Android OS to Windows 10, functioning as a smartphone and a laptop at once!

Impressive hardware 

As compared to smartphones, tablets are designed with superior hardware. This includes a more powerful RAM that adds to the tablet’s faster processing time and response speed.

Owing to their bigger size, tablets are designed to operate significantly better than usual smartphones. As the tablets do not show congestion like smartphones, they have the upper hand in the present industry. 

Amazing Display 

Tablets are, in general, equipped with a larger screen than most smartphones. And the availability of a larger screen comes with several bonuses. Firstly, it adds to the convenience of working on a tablet, which is not possible in smaller-screen smartphones. A larger screen also makes it easier to read PDFs and view documents. 

For gamers, a wider screen makes it easier to control and adapt to their unique gaming styles. You can also enjoy your favourite movies and TV shows on a larger screen. Samsung Galaxy Tablet’s awesome sound support, along with HD+ display, contributes to an immersive viewing experience.

In addition, tablets are available with better battery life and flexibility that raises your productivity all day long.

Tablets, therefore, are significantly better than smartphones in certain cases. They offer more durability, productivity on the go and ease of access than regular smartphones. 

In the latest tablet models, the 2 in 1 device feature allows you to switch seamlessly between the Android Operating System and Microsoft’s Windows 10, so they can be used as a smartphone and a laptop simultaneously. 

The futuristic design does not just make tablets look cool; it is ergonomic, durable and convenient enough to be carried around comfortably. The long battery life ensures you have your favourite apps at your fingertips all day long. 

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