What is Shilajit and How Can It Help with Health?

If you have not heard of shilajit, it is considered something of a powerful tonic when it comes to not just taking care of the body but the brain too. We shall consider its properties in more detail here. If you want to know more about shilajit expiration, then click on the link.

A Definition of Shilajit and Where it Comes From

Shilajit, sometimes called mumijo, is to look at a blackish-brown power. It comes from the high mountain rocks of regions such as the Himalayas, Nepal, Karakoram, Girda, and Bhutan. The kind that comes from South Peru and Mongolia is referred to as Andean shilajit.

What are the Health Benefits of Shilajit?

Shilajit contains at least 84 minerals and fulvic acid. Because of this, it offers many health benefits to those that take it. It acts as an antioxidant that will enhance the body’s immunity and your memory. It has that dual benefit of helping the body and the mind. Although, many will argue that is the same. After all, exercise is known to help both, and we cannot function without either.

Other properties of shilajit include that it is an anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling, a diuretic to take away excess fluid from the body, and a much-needed energy booster. We could all do with more energy.

What are the Lesser-Known Benefits of Shilajit?

There are advantages of shilajit that are not so widely known. These are that it will help with maintaining the health of hair. This is because it contains vitamins and ionic minerals as well as fulvic acid, as mentioned above, and humic acid. Shilajit replenishes and rejuvenates both hair and nails.

A combination of shilajit and ashwagandha may provide extra supplemental benefits, including improving sexual health. Ashwagandha, the common name for Withania somnifera, is an evergreen shrub that grows in India. It is also referred to by many other names, including Indian ginseng, winter cherry, or poison gooseberry. Do not let the latter put you off because it is harmless to consume.

Shilajit is also known to help combat the symptoms that are linked to higher altitudes. If you are a climber or know someone who is, as a hobby or part of their profession, then it is worth recommending shilajit to them as this will make you an immensely popular friend. There are not all that many products available, natural, or otherwise, that can tackle this sort of thing.

Is it Safe to Take Shilajit Daily?

Shilajit is a medication that is considered safe to consume. It is unfamiliar to many, so it is important to know that so that you can benefit from what might be a new treatment that can help. 

Fulvic acid that is contained within shilajit is a family of natural compounds and organic acids. It occurs naturally in organically grown vehicles such as the ones where the roots will grow deep underground.

Humic acid, also in shilajit, is an organic substance that will coagulate as the strong-base extract is acidified. These two compounds are anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants that will enhance the process of nutrient transportation and absorption within the body.

How Quickly Will Shilajit Work?

The speed at which shilajit works will vary from person to person. This will depend on age and gender, as well as underlying medical conditions. The majority of people, however, will begin to benefit within a 1-to-2-week period. Beyond 2 weeks, the maximum benefit will begin to be experienced.


It is good to know that there is this natural medication known as shilajit that we can take in isolation or in combination with ashwagandha that will help our health in many ways. Many people will search for natural products to help and here we have found one. Shilajit is available online to purchase in regular supply so you can continue to benefit from its use.

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