Online Dating: How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

It is always tricky to tell if the girl that you are virtually meeting is genuinely interested in you. It’s hard to read her body language that could speak notes of her interest or see the subtle blush that colors her cheek. You can all but blame one culprit, the screen that stands between you two.

Online dating can make it difficult to read someone’s intentions because there’s too much back and forth messaging, so it might be a great idea to try chat apps that “cut to the chase” and enable you to establish a more natural conversation with someone. Being able to actually see the person behind the screen makes things so much easier and it’s likely you’ll be able to tell if a girl likes you a lot quicker than if there was no video interaction. 

The likelihood of having a long-term relationship with someone you are meeting online is fair enough. About 7% of the married couples who met in 2015 started off with dating online. Moreover, 20% of those in committed relationships currently also met on a dating website.

Couples that are having success tend to be using the larger and more established dating sites out there. Those are the ones that have the most options and really allow you to meet a lot of people to figure out what you like and what you don’t really want in a relationship.

It’s pretty tricky right now to decide what app or site you should use first. Fortunately, there are some great resources that can help with that decision. Sites like do long investigations into hundreds of dating sites like their review to see if WellHello is legit here. They spend a lot of time using the site to figure out who would actually do well using it.

It’s too easy right now to go on one of the many sites out there and not find a good fit because you’re in the wrong place. Every site has its own niche in order to stand out and it pays to understand which is which.

There is another side of the e-dating coin too. It reveals that 48% of virtual relationships end via email. So, while you are dating, you should know the odds well. More importantly, you should know if the lass you are dating likes you even if there’s a screen in between.

Here are some quick tips to learn if you have got real love in the cards:

  1. Her messages give the right signals

It’s hard to rely on a couple of relationship quotes to try and sketch a line between true love and a flirt. You can always pick from Gene Smith’s mind though who is a professional flirting coach. Smith presents the acronym of FLIG to spot signs of flirting.

The ‘F’ in FLIG denotes frequency, which narrates the times you chat online. ‘L’ stands for the length that tells the duration of your e-conversations. Likewise, ‘I’ signifies the intensity, which is a measure of how comfortable you feel with the other person. Lastly, ‘G’ refers to the gesture, which is understood as body language but can be interpreted as the willingness to meet.

If all these signals are green, then you should know that luck is by your side and the Señorita likes you.

  1. She will connect more

If a damsel is into you for a potentially romantic future, then she will be omnipresent. Her interactions with you will not be limited to the dating site or spot that you have met. Instead, she will fire a Facebook request your way, connect with you on Instagram, friend you on Snapchat, and more.

On top of the omnipresence, she will also interact with you. Unlike a long-lost aunt that connects on social media only to keep an eye on you. Her comments and likes will, therefore, climb the interaction ladder.

  1. She will get to know you more

A lady who marks you as her love interest will also scoop out more of your information to learn about you. In the 21st century, your social media accounts are a mirror of your likes and dislikes. Therefore, she will not only connect with you on more networks but will also research your personality.

Essentially, the efforts that the person puts in getting to know you better bear testament to her interest in you. She also attempts to find common interests so that she can stir up deeper conversations. When it comes down to online dating, 64% like to dig up something common with the person they are dating with. So, if she’s tracing similarities, know that she’s attempting to pull your heart’s strings on a sincere note.

  1. She asks tons of questions

A purely interested woman will also ask a lot of questions, which is another telltale sign that she actually likes you. If she doesn’t get enough from her social media research work on your favorites and not-so-favorites, she’ll shoot questions your way.

A Canadian relationship therapist, Kimberly Moffat points out that women ask numerous personal questions from men they are taking a liking to. She also advised that asking questions is one of the simplest ways for a woman to arrest a man’s attention. This only means that you need to shift your brain’s gears and understand that a lass only wants a lad’s attention when she’s attracted to him.

  1. She compliments you

Online dating means that it is hard to read her facial expressions, specifically, if your conversations circle around texts. However, every cloud has a silver lining and so does the e-dating cloud. You can pick clues of her likeness for you by the tone that her messages adopt.

If she’s interested, she will be open to responding to your questions. She will be comfortable with revealing details about herself too. On top of that, she will reciprocate with questions of her own to keep the conversation going. She’ll shower you with compliments, whether it is about your leather jacket or your wristwatch.

  1. She is eager to meet you

It’s entirely reasonable for you to suggest meeting her in person after you have chatted a bit online. If she agrees and is eager to meet you, then there is a thick chance that she likes you. If you’ve already been on your first date and are still in a confused haze of “she likes me, she likes me not,” then there’s another token to note.

If a girl likes you, she’ll be excited to meet you again. In fact, 77% of the couples plan a second date on their first one. So, if there is hope for a blooming relationship in the future, then you can measure her interest by proposing another date.

  1. She thinks you are hilarious

If she says you are funny, then that’s the cue for imaginary flying sparks in the air around you. A BBC study surveyed 200,000 people and found that humor was the male trait that attracted women the most.

Interestingly, another study by the University of Stirling concluded that if you are drawn to a person, you will find that individual funny. This means that if she laughs at your jokes even if they aren’t hilarious, know that she’s has fallen for you.

Summing up, these are some essential pointers that indicate that ‘she’ likes you. As a bonus point, if her messages take a little longer to reach you in an instant message conversation, know that she’s perfecting them. That’s another hint that she likes you.



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