What Are 4 Uses for Ultrasounds?

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Ultrasound technology has offered a better way for medical professionals to monitor patients’ health and diagnose certain conditions. If your doctor recommends an ultrasound, sound waves from an ultrasound machine can be emitted into your body painlessly to generate images of internal structures.

Vital Organ Monitoring

Ultrasounds are often used for obtaining images of the heart, kidneys, and other vital organs so that doctors can look for structural abnormalities, diseases, or other problems that may require treatment. Doctors can also view ultrasound images of the blood vessels in these organs to see if blood flow is normal and to look for any obstructions in these vessels that may harm the organs. Monitoring vital organs with ultrasound imagery is safe and beneficial for patients of all ages.

Tumor Diagnosis

If the doctor suspects that you might have one or more cancerous or noncancerous tumors inside your body, an ultrasound can be used to confirm a diagnosis. The images can show whether or not any tumors are present and help doctors determine the tumors’ sizes and exact locations. If further diagnostic testing needs to be done on a tumor or another suspicious growth, ultrasound technology can be used to help guide a needle to perform a biopsy.

Bone Evaluation and Therapy

Doctors often recommend ultrasound services if bone and joint conditions are suspected or have already been diagnosed. If you’ve fractured a bone, an ultrasound can be useful in determining if the fracture is healing properly. Ultrasound technicians and doctors regularly rely on ultrasound technology to view the progression of metabolic bone disease. If you have arthritis, your doctor may recommend ultrasound therapy to deliver tiny vibrations to arthritic joints to try to offer relief to these areas.

Pregnancy Monitoring

If you’re pregnant, an ultrasound can be done to monitor the development of the baby inside your womb. Multiple ultrasounds are often recommended to monitor a baby’s development throughout different stages of the pregnancy. Ultrasound images can often show doctors if a baby has any growth or developmental abnormalities as well as other health conditions that may be treated with prenatal care. An ultrasound can also be used to determine the baby’s sex so that you’ll know whether you’re having a boy or a girl.

Ultrasound imagery has been proven to be one of the most reliable imaging tools that have allowed doctors to give better treatment to patients. If you have more questions about ultrasounds, a qualified medical professional can provide detailed answers.

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