How to Use Flowers to Enhance Your Home’s Interior Design

Contributed by Lizzie Weakley

Fresh flowers and plants have been used in interior design for many centuries. They are still an essential part of home decor that can add a sense of fresh air and a splash of color to any room. They can be used to enhance the best features of your home, but do you know how to choose the right ones?

Color Basics

Choosing the color palette of the flowers follows two main design theories. The first is using coordinating flowers that blend in with the other colors in the room. The second theory uses flowers to provide a splash of color and sharp contrast. For example, consider a white marble mantelpiece against a white wall. White flowers would make the space look clean and pristine, but what would happen if you added reds, yellows, or primary blue to the space? In this case, flowers could be used to create a sense of drama and intensity.

Adding Texture

Whether you choose a palette of warm or cool colors, flowers can be used to add texture to the interior design. Texture means the way the external surfaces of objects interact through touch, but there is also a visual component to texture as well. Flowers and their leaves come in textures from glossy and smooth to fuzzy and soft. They are often not the main focus of the design, but they can add texture to an otherwise plain design.

Provide Focus

Flowers can be used to add a focal point to the room. For instance, consider a bouquet of flowers sitting on a table or used on a fireplace to draw the eye to the masterpiece hanging above it. When choosing companies like Wholesale Flowers & Supplies for flowers, be sure to consider the main style the room. Choose a container and plant materials that are appropriate for that style. For example, in a minimalist design one may choose a container with simple lines and a single flower. On the other hand, a cottage chic design may require delicate flowers in many different sizes and shapes clustered tightly together.

Flower are a gift from nature that enhance our lives by adding color, scent, and texture to interior spaces. Flowers have the tendency to soften spaces, but they can also add bold dimensions. Changing the flowers can be an easy way to refresh the room. When choosing flowers, they must enhance the other design elements of the room to be used effectively.

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