5 Common Problems That Can Occur in Your Swimming Pool

As great as having a swimming pool on your property can be, there is a lot that can go wrong if it isn’t maintained properly. Here are just five of the more common problems you may encounter as an owner of a swimming pool.

Algae Growth

If your pool’s water has taken on a sickly shade of green or you notice algae or mold growing on the water’s surface, it means that your chlorine levels have dropped. This can happen if you’ve slacked off on your regular pool maintenance, but you can still fix the problem. First of all, try to remove as much physical debris from the surface of the water as you can. Next, shock the water with repeated high doses of chlorine over the next several days until you start to see clear water again. If the problem is particularly bad, you may want to invest in an algaecide to help kill the most stubborn algae.

Debris in Your Pool

Debris will be found in an outdoor pool from time to time, so seeing the occasional leaf or dead insect is not cause for alarm. On the other hand, seeing too much of this kind of debris is a sign that your pool’s filter cartridge needs to be changed. As with adding chlorine to your pool, changing the filter is a bit of maintenance that needs to be done regularly.


Leaks can happen in the pool’s plumbing or the structure of the pool itself. Failing to fix these problems as they occur can have dire consequences, so contact a pool repair service like KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas as soon as you think you have a leak.

Animals in Your Pool

Wild animals often end up in outdoor pools, and while having the occasional duck show up for a short swim may not be a problem, having too many of these visitors can become a nuisance. Make sure your filter cartridge is changed regularly to remove any hair and feathers that may be left behind, and put up barriers such as a fence around your pool to keep animals out.

Dead animals in your pool won’t pose a health risk to swimmers, but they should be disposed of quickly. Wear heavy gloves if you have to touch a dead animal, double-bag the body and put it in a sealed trash can, and wash your hands thoroughly when you’re done.

Low Water Level

A pool with a low water level can be hard on its pump and filtration system, so make sure you add water regularly to keep levels where they should be. You will lose water every day to evaporation, but if you find yourself having to add water frequently, you might have a slow leak somewhere that needs to be addressed.

As fun as it is to have a pool on your property, it does require a lot of maintenance. Even though you can do a lot by yourself, there are things that will be best left to a professional. If you ever feel like a maintenance or repair task is beyond you, don’t hesitate to contact a pool repair company to take care of the issue.

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  1. Great tips! I would add to install a sturdy fence not to prevent just animals but also local kids from wandering in, as that is a huge safety risk. All pools should have a fence. Owning a pool involves a lot of responsibility, but it’s so rewarding!

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