Top Leather Glove Brands for Men and Women

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Leather gloves are not only a necessary piece of clothing but also a stylish accessory that can complement any look. Today, customers are presented with a wide range of products from various manufacturers, among which it is not always easy to make a choice. We bring to your attention a rating of the best, in our opinion, brands of leather gloves for men and women, which are popular with users and are distinguished by decent product quality.

The best brands of women’s leather gloves

For women, leather gloves are not only a necessary element of the wardrobe but also an accessory that can emphasize the refined taste of the owner. We bring to your attention the best brands that focus on ladies’ models.


This European brand has been known to fashionistas since ancient times. EDMINS gloves are characterized by conservatism in design and an emphasis on ease of use. The main advantage of the manufacturer is the use of hand-cutting in the process of manufacturing the product. This provides not only a decent appearance but also largely determines the comfort and durability of the gloves.

As the owners write in the reviews, depending on the intensity of wear, products can be attributed to up to 5 seasons. The brand deservedly started at the top of the best manufacturers of women’s leather gloves.

4. Eleganzza

Our rating of the best brands of leather gloves continues with a European manufacturer that fully justifies its name. More elegant products can only be found in the product lines of world representatives of high fashion. Eleganzza is famous for its fine collections of original and high-quality leather gloves, made in a unique and inimitable style.

Leather gloves lined with natural wool perfectly withstand even severe frosts, lighter autumn options will hide the handles in a relatively warm period. The brand is widely represented on store shelves, and those who want to save money can take advantage of pleasant discounts when ordering goods on the manufacturer’s website.

3. Fabretti

This manufacturer embodies the latest trends in its models, leaving the consumer the opportunity not to overpay and get a decent product at an affordable price. According to customer reviews, the Fabretti brand is one of the most inexpensive leather accessories on the market, but at the same time, it is not inferior in quality to competitors with more expensive products. At the same time, leather gloves perfectly combine traditional Italian classics and individual styles.

Girls also note the durability of products, the quality factor of materials, and the quality of tailoring. Despite the low cost, leather gloves look no less elegant and sophisticated than the product of more expensive competitors. The Fabretti brand is represented in almost all stores, which makes it even more popular.

2. Rimes

For those who prefer practicality and durability, the Rime brand offers its gloves. They have long won the love of buyers due to the excellent ratio of quality and cost of goods. The models of this manufacturer are perfect for the northern regions, where no less importance is attached to the ability to retain heat. High-quality leather and 100% wool lining perfectly cope even with very low temperatures.

According to user reviews, Rime leather gloves are durable, wearable, and quality. Well-crafted strong leather, high-quality seams, and warm lining – all this allowed the manufacturer not only to get into our rating but also to earn considerable popularity among buyers. In addition, it is Rime that offers an excellent selection of demi-season models for every taste.

1. Gucci

A world-famous manufacturer begins our ranking of the best brands of women’s leather gloves. True connoisseurs of luxury, elegance, and at the same time convenience pay attention to his goods. Each model of the brand will become not only a necessary accessory but notes of its own unique style will also perfectly emphasize the outstanding aesthetic taste of the owner.

The manufacturer carefully controls the quality of the materials from which the product is made. In the assortment, you can find options for every taste, ranging from those made of delicate lambskin leather with a quilted chevron pattern to more relaxed classic models. The lining is 100% cashmere, which provides softness and the necessary level of warmth. Among the shortcomings, only the cost of Gucci leather gloves can be distinguished, unfortunately, not everyone can afford them. Otherwise, it is without a doubt the best brand around the globe.

Top Brands of Leather Gloves for Men

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Do not deprive the attention of the strong half of humanity. Often they also have difficulties in choosing high-quality and durable leather gloves.

5. Alessio Nesca

The Italian manufacturer Alessio Nesca starts the category of the best brands of leather gloves for men. His products are distinguished by the quality of workmanship: even seams, smooth and pleasant-to-the-touch skin, and good fur in the lining. They keep the right level of warmth in any weather. Models for the autumn-spring season also do an excellent job. At the same time, the manufacturer’s goods are more than affordable.

Alessio Nesca products have a stylish look, perfectly complementing a masculine look, and will be a great accessory for any season. Of the shortcomings, users noted slight inconsistencies in size. In this connection, we advise you to choose gloves a little more than usual. But, as a rule, this applies to winter models with voluminous fur inside. Otherwise, the manufacturer worthily entered our top.

4. Timberland

The brutal American brand offers modern men, stylish and durable leather gloves. Many users in the reviews note that this is an ideal functional accessory for daily use. They are suitable for both city walks and outdoor activities. Made from genuine goat leather, gloves are available in several colors. In addition, each model is distinguished by a well-thought-out design.

Most modern products have a textured insert that allows you to use gadgets without removing your gloves. Elastic details at the wrist ensure a perfect fit, and lace carabiners allow you to attach the accessory to the jacket’s cuff. The products of the manufacturer are liked by users not only for their functionality but also for their exquisite appearance. The Timberland brand deservedly took its place in our top of the best.

3. Miro

For those who want to look stylish, keep their hands warm and at the same time save money, we suggest paying attention to Miro brand leather gloves. This manufacturer is very popular among users. Reviews about his products can be found on many specialized sites, and it is worth noting that they are mostly positive. The owners wear leather gloves with pleasure and recommend them to others without a doubt.

It is worth noting that the popularity of the manufacturer is also due to the very affordable cost of goods. At the same time, they are worn for 2 seasons, perfectly maintain a comfortable temperature, and complement the image. Models usually have a classic shape, and a minimum of decorative finishes, which makes them quite simple, but at the same time stylish.

2. Favorite Gloves

The French brand has securely taken a position in the ranking of the best manufacturers of men’s leather gloves. His models are distinguished by exclusivity, interesting cut, and spectacular appearance. The owner of such gloves will emphasize his outstanding taste and give comfort to his hands, regardless of temperature. For different seasons, the manufacturer offers products with different linings: cashmere, silk, and natural wool.

In addition, the manufacturer offers customers gloves with different functionality. Among them, there are separate options for driving, and for the comfortable use of a mobile phone. It is worth noting that the brand has more than a century of history and is famous for the use of ancient manual manufacturing and processing technologies. Favorite Glove guarantees the high quality of all gloves produced under its own brand. Leather and suede models are sold all over the world only in the best-specialized stores.

1. Boss

Stylish men choose leather gloves from the Boss brand, which has deservedly taken a leading position in its rating category. The manufacturer’s products reliably warm hands in any weather and are an elegant accessory. Today’s gloves are made from Nappa leather, and typically have an elasticated cuff and a waxed finish to keep them looking their best for longer.

It is worth noting that all products have a company logo. The model range is very diverse, it presents options for every taste from classic to original solutions. You can buy Boss brand leather gloves at any quality menswear store. Often a good assortment is presented in popular online stores. 

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