Top 8 Upgrades for Your Outdoor Grill Station

Home is where we feel most comfortable, and there is nothing more pleasing than having a meal with your family in your backyard. The hot grill and fresh hair have a unique way of conjuring an amazing vacation mood, even when you choose to grill up a quick Tuesday dinner. If you have your Weber grills ready and intend to upgrade your outdoor grill station, here are the top eight upgrades you can try. 

Add steel to make it unique

Ideally, most people build their kitchens using wood and stone. It is a beautiful idea to have a wooden kitchen, but if you are looking for a way to make your kitchen look amazing, then you should consider having some taste of steel in its construction. Put some stainless steel kitchen countertops in the outdoor kitchen. To give your kitchen an open-air look, you can also have some Tolix stools around for your family.

Keep your grill area with an umbrella for the shade

Having a big and attractive umbrella installed in the outdoor grill area makes your kitchen more appealing. Apart from providing shade for your guests, it also improves the backyard’s overall aesthetic appeal. Get a bigger free-standing umbrella to provide some shade in the prep area too. When it’s time to enjoy the meal, you must not forget to move the umbrella to the eating area to provide shade to your guests or family. 

Open window service

Suppose you have your outdoor grill close to your house, you can try window service. Have some high stools for your guests to stick around while you serve them. Using your window is an excellent way of having a small “bar” at home. It is even more pleasing if your kitchen window has a marble countertop that your guests can use as a table. 

Put a roof at the top

If you live in those areas where it is never easy to tell if it is going to rain, then adding a roof for all-weather cooking is something you should do. Construct a roof structure to provide shelter for the cook and your guest if the grill is in an open place. Ensure you observe the safety measures to prevent fires in the grill area.

A smaller fridge is a great idea too

If you like outdoor cooking a lot, then a mini-fridge is something you should not miss. You will need this fridge to store meat and other cold beverages that you need for your cooking. Ensure you create some space for the refrigerator and keep it some distance away from the fire.

Make use of the space

Every square inch within your outdoor grill area counts, and you should definitely make good use of it. When you put up structures in this area, ensure it fits in that space. Do not overcrowd it because you will need some fresh air when you get done eating with your guests and family.

Decorate the outdoor area

Just like campground and park grills, you can make your backyard grill look better with some accessories in place. Begin by decking the area, then put up some potted plants to keep the place fresh. Don’t forget to put the oils, sauces, and other condiments that you frequently use in areas you can reach faster. You can also set a great mood at night with lighting. Indeed, a combination of direct lighting and landscape lighting over the grill area will create the right balance of ambiance. 

Include a prep zone

Your outdoor grill station is never complete without a prep zone. A prep zone can include a sink or a work table where you can prep smaller dishes while you wait for the main food to cook in the kitchen. Don’t forget to have some utensils and tools you need in place. Also, have some cabinets where you can store your tools and cutlery when it is time to leave your outdoor grill.

Wrap up

There is plenty of stuff you can do to make your outdoor grill area what you have always wanted. The eight tips we have highlighted here are some of the best practices for making your outdoor grill another fantastic place to spend time with your family and guests. 


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