4 Old Furniture Items In Your Home That Might Be Worth A Fortune

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It is something that many people dream about; uncovering an old oil painting in the attic that turns out to be a missing master that is worth a small fortune, or perhaps stumbling across an old writing desk that contains love letters that were penned by a famous writer of that time. All over the world, in some dark and quiet corners, there are sitting masterpieces that have remained under the radar, and in case you are thinking this might relate to you, here are just a few of the old furniture items that you might have stored away that are actually very valuable.

Tallboy/Chest Of Drawers

If you have an elderly relative who has a lot of old furniture at home, they could be sitting with some very old items that are, in fact, very valuable. A mahogany chest of drawers from the George III period could be worth as much as £5,000 if it is in very good condition, and when you are browsing at flea markets and old second-hand shops, keep your eyes open for any old wooden chests of drawers or chests.

Vintage Desks

If you have an old writing desk in the attic that has been undercover since you can remember, it might just be a very valuable item indeed. Almost every week, you will hear stories of people who have stumbled across a valuable antique writing desk while having a house clearance, so it is a good idea to closely examine any old writing desks that you have stored away.

Four Poster Beds

It is unlikely you would stumble across a four-poster bed at home, but you might have an elderly relative or close friend that still used the same four-poster bed that was in the house when he or she was yet a child. Some people automatically think that old furniture is practically worthless, and there have been many cases where a valuable antique item ended its life in a rubbish tip, never to be discovered.

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Military Chests

They have long been used for storage, and if, for example, an elderly relative has passed away and left the contents of their home to you in their will, you should examine every item carefully. If an old chest is covered in dust, it could very easily be mistaken for a cheap item that is best thrown away, yet this could be a Victorian masterpiece that is worth thousands of pounds. In the event, you do find something of interest when looking through old furniture, clean it up and take a few photos with your smartphone and show them to your local antique dealer. If you would like to make some money from collecting antiques, there are informative articles you can find online on how to do just that.


The above are just a few antique or vintage items that you might come across when having a clear-out, and anything of age deserves closer inspection, as you never know what might lie under that thick layer of dust.

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