What to Do if a Pipe Bursts in Your House

While a burst pipe may seem like a mundane problem, taking prompt action to address the situation can be of paramount concern. Water damage caused by a leaking or ruptured pipe may be extensive and failing to deal with the situation as quickly as possible may result in higher repair costs. Knowing what to do if a pipe bursts within your house is not a matter that should be taken lightly.

Locate the Problem

A burst water pipe begins as a highly localized problem. Identifying the damaged pipe or fixture responsible means that further actions can be taken more effectively. If left unaddressed, a burst pipe can flood an entire room or area of the home which makes locating the source of the problem far more difficult.

Stop the Water

Stopping the flow of water serves to limit both the scope and severity of any damages. Closing a valve that is delivering water to a broken appliance or shutting off the main water supply to the home is fairly straightforward and can often be done without tools. For those who are unable to source the valve or identify the main water supply, calling in the professionals should be the highest priority.

Begin Repairs Immediately

A burst water pipe is likely not a repair that can wait until the morning. Calling an emergency plumber in order to ensure that the situation is being managed without delay is often the wisest course of action. Electing to put off repairs until later may result in far more extensive damage as well as clean-up costs and repair bills that may place greater strain on your household finances.

Remove Water and Moisture

Repairs may require far more than just replacing a burst pipe or a broken fixture. Water removal is of paramount concern. Ineffective removal may increase the likelihood of molds, mildew and other infestations that may involve additional costs and efforts to address. In situations where a mold infestation has already begun, professional mold remediation should also be arranged without delay.

Water damage can destroy possessions, damage building materials and even undermine the structural integrity of your home. Even high levels of ambient humidity can become a serious issue, especially in situations where action is not taken to correct the problem. Taking quick action to deal with a burst pipe or other plumbing issue which may introduce water into the home is critical for minimizing the scope of any potential damage.

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