5 Signs That You Need to Call for Roof Repairs ASAP

The roof on your property is one of the most important parts of the building. A sturdy roof prevents rain, wind and sunlight from getting inside, and it plays a big role in your home or commercial building’s energy-efficiency. For the most part, a roof is out of your sight line. However, you may be able to spot these signs that it is time to call for repairs from the ground or while doing an inspection.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

If you stand back away from your house, then you can often see major roof problems from a distance. Look for missing shingles that might have blown off in the wind along with any spots that look different from the others. Depending upon the type of shingle, you might see curling corners, cracks, or areas with discoloration that indicate mold or hail damage.

Signs of Water Damage In the House

A roof leak often makes its way inside, but it can sometimes be hard to tell where it is coming from. Water spots on the ceiling or running down the wall are a sign that the roof problems are starting to damage the inside of your property. A water leak tends to get worse with time. 

Because these can be difficult to find, you may need to contact residential roofing services. This kind of service will usually include a thorough inspection to see where the leak originates. Once they find the leak, your roofing contractor can put together a plan for repairs that stops it from happening again.

Shingle Granules on the Ground and in Gutters

As asphalt shingles age, they tend to lose the granules that were stuck to the surface. The granules can be blown off in high winds, or they may break loose when branches rub on the shingles. Since they don’t go far, you’ll often find these on the ground around your property after a rainstorm. They also tend to accumulate in the gutters.

Light Shining Into the Attic

Holes in the roof might be hard to spot from outside on the ground, but heading to the attic can reveal what is going on. If you spot sunlight shining through the attic roof, then you can bet that there is some type of roof damage letting it in. If you see sunlight, then it is also highly likely that pests and water can get inside—or already have. A roof repair shields your home and attic from future pest invasions.

Wear and Tear Around Objects on the Roof

Chimneys, vents, and other rooftop fixtures are often surrounded by metal flashing. The flashing serves as an additional layer of protection around joints and other areas where the roofing materials come together. Over time, flashing can get damaged from high winds, hail, and the house shifting on its foundation. Fixing the damage protects the rest of the roof and prevents water leaks.

Roof problems can get worse fast. In some cases, a minor issue can cause new problems to develop. A roof inspection only takes a little time, and you’ll be able to start planning for repairs that preserve your property’s safety and value.

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  1. The segment of your article that talked all about shingle granules was extremely helpful. Reading about this made me remember the strange substance I’ve been seeing around our landscape for some time since it shared the same color as our roof. If this is the sign of damage you’re talking about, I’ll go look for a roof repair expert right away.

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