Top 8 Upgrades for your Outdoor Grill Station

Home is where we feel most comfortable, and there is nothing more pleasing than having a meal with your family in your backyard. The hot grill and fresh hair have a unique way of conjuring an amazing vacation mood, even when you choose to grill up a quick Tuesday dinner. If you have your Weber grills ready and intend to upgrade your outdoor grill station, here are the top eight upgrades you can try. 

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Best Reasons to Try Paleo This Summer

Guest post contributed by Mia Morales

If you have been wanting to shed some extra pounds and change to a healthier diet, then you might have been doing some research about the Paleo diet. Even though it might never seem like the right time to try a new diet, the truth is that the summer can actually be the best time to transition to Paleo. Here’s why.
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