Tips on How to Make Your Hair Curls Last Longer

The love for bouncy curls is undeniable. Beautiful and flawless curls do not disappoint in giving you that extra feminine look. And, isn’t it all the women’s wish to be the center of attraction? Well, curls will do the trick without you having to get extra with your makeup or summer clothes.

However, preserving the curls or rather making the curls last you a whole day can be nerve-wracking. It might as well as make you consider taking a look of the hair clippers club. The good news is that you do not have to go through the trouble of finding the best blades to rid some of your hair just because it is not cooperating.

Do not be talked into thinking that a particular type of hair cannot hold curls. Knowledge is power, all you need is a few tips on how to keep those curls in place, and you will be set to run the world.

5 tips that will make your curls last longer

  1. Do not use procedures that weight your hair down

Note that the catch here is to maintain your hair volume. It is through this that your hair will be light: which is a requirement for maintaining curls. You can achieve this by avoiding conditioners and shampoos that weight your hair down.

Lest your curls will disappear in less than an hour. There are other ways that you can make your hair lighter: blow-drying. But in this case, you will not do it the conventional way. Make use of a blow-dryer that has a diffuser attached and do it while your hair is hanging down. Give it a shot and you will notice a significant increase in volume.

  1. Make the texture fitting

It goes without saying, the right hair texture is a result of using the right products. Do not feel a pinch in investing in a good mousse or curling spray: they will be worth every penny you spend. It does not end at that. You will also need a good finishing spray.

The mode of application is simple. You are supposed to use the curling spray on wet hair and use the finishing spray afterward to hold the curls in place. The purpose of the curling spray is to make your texture right. There are also no restrictions to using it on naturally straight hair: they will also keep your styling tact. Nothing beats a product that can kill two birds all at once!

  1. Take care of your hair

Hair care and prevention of damage should be done on a regular basis: there should be no debate on this. Remember that damaged hair does not have the capacity to hold curls: which is why you need to do everything possible to protect it from damage, especially one caused by heat.

Heat damage is notorious for making hair frizzy and having split ends. Good news is that you can always get products that will protect your hair from such affliction. Get a good heat protectant spray and you will be redeemed from crazy-looking curls. Trim the split ends, make your hair less frizzy and you will have the best waves in town.

  1. Use a setting spray

You definitely need this! As the name suggests, it will set your entire look in place. The rules do not change: it has to be of good quality. Also to avoid having too many products in line waiting to be launched on your hair, you can work with a multi-function spray. Get yourself a setting spray that is also a heat protectant.

  1. You do not need heat to get curls

Is the fear of heat damage getting in the of you rocking the curls? Then there is some good news for you: you do not need heat to have curls on your hair.

There are a number of hacks that can get you there. For instance, you can simply use your socks, t-shirt, pencils, and pens to mention a few to achieve that look. The options are endless! You can also just braid your hair overnight after washing it to accomplish fresh waves.

You do not have to scratch your head over getting  Victoria’s Secret waves, the mentioned tips will do it for you.


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