Thinking About Home Revamp? 6 Projects that are Worth the Money

Home renovation is a topic that we are not too keen on due to the fact that it usually implies investing a staggering amount of money. Nevertheless, there are many home improvement projects that will definitely be worth your time and money. Not only will these projects make your living area functional in the long run, but they can also significantly add to the value of your home. So, whether you are eager to sell the property or just renovate your home sweet home it can be worth looking into some of these improvements. If you feel that you can’t do them by yourself, search your area for a nearby builder and let them take care of it.

Here are six projects that will be worth your while:

1. Welcoming doors

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No matter if you are trying to woo buyers or embellish your residence, having an inviting front door will make anyone feel welcome when visiting your home. For that reason, consider replacing that old door and investing in a new one. A fiberglass or a steel door will insulate your house the best. Along with repainting interior doors, using oil-based paint for the old front door shall give it a brand-new look. Exterior doors from hollow metal or stainless steel are very durable. Just by replacing the garage door, you can add more than 80 percent to the home’s value.

2. Cost-effective projects

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One project that is surely worth your money is the one that involves saving energy. Believe it or not, you can notably cut your heating and electrical expenses just by investing in better insulation and windows. This investment certainly pays off in winter as well as in summer when the expenses of the air conditioning system are the highest.

Give thought to getting rid of the old windows and buying french and sliding patio doors instead. This renovation project is not too costly and fits nicely if you have a large backyard. The room where they are installed will instantly become brighter and more spacious.

3. An attic revamp

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Do you lack some space? Another cost-effective home revamps that will solve this issue is to add an attic bedroom. This is a great solution, especially if the house is older and building an extra room is far too expensive.

In addition, it is the most profitable investment with a financial return of more than 84 percent. Moreover, with so many attic bedroom ideas to choose from, it’s quite easy to turn your old attic into a functional yet cozy place where you will be glad to unwind and spend your precious time.

4. Kitchen or bathroom

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Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom should be a priority. Before any major renovations, checking the sanitation and pipes’ functionality is a good idea. To be on the safe side, turn to a plumbing company to save time and focus on the renovation. Get your old laminate countertops replaced by a new stain-resistant surface like Silestone.

If kitchen cabinets are in poor condition, consider repainting or buying new ones. Some low-cost updates like new curtains in the kitchen or a vintage mirror with shelves in the bathroom can considerably refresh the ambiance.

Another idea is to consider upgrading to granite countertops. Nowadays you can find granite countertops in over 30 colours to match any kitchen theme or colors. They not only make your kitchen look amazing, but they also add value to the resale of your home.

Lastly, you will want to create a focal point in the kitchen with a beautiful dining table. For example, choosing a modern or rustic designed table from Brick Mill will surely make a statement.

5. Add some color

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Painting your home is a smart move if you wish to restore its old glow and even sell it later. Many professionals suggest modernizing a home by adding some trendy paint colors that will give your home the lift that it needs.

Opt for bright color palettes that can make the room look spacious. When combining the color with the wooden flooring choose between neutral shades or Earth tones. Decorative wallpapers are used not only on walls but as an accessory when outlining an object e.g. a mirror can create a romantic ambiance.

6. Backyard updates

Nowadays, creating a lovely family getaway in your own backyard is not that hard to achieve. For a reasonable price, consider adding a Corner Summer House. With a summer house, you may entertain your family and guests for any special occasion.

When adding some functional garden furniture it would be wise to get an awning or a garden parasol for those hot summer days. Make sure your outdoor furniture is made from materials that won’t rust like aluminum. As you can see, having a functional backyard is almost like having another room at your disposal.

Your home sweet home

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Whether you are looking to upgrade your residence and truly make it a home sweet home or just to get a better real estate value, the fact remains that any home improvement project can be worth your time and money. Investing in cost-effective projects is the most lucrative option. However, major renovations such as kitchen or attic renovation provide you more space and luxury. Even by painting your home or changing the front door, these revamp ideas will prove to be worth your while.

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