Things to Know When Shopping for a Used Vehicle

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Buying a used car once came with some trepidation, since many buyers worried they might purchase a “lemon,” a used vehicle with something egregiously wrong with it. Out of those potential buyer concerns, automakers and dealerships partnered to create certified pre-owned (CPO) and certified used vehicle programs.

What does certification mean?

When you shop for a Honda certified used car, your selection includes only late-model vehicles with low mileage and only one owner. These vehicles undergo a comprehensive inspection by a manufacturer-trained technician who checks more than 100 items on the vehicle, noting and repairing any area that does not fall within the manufacturer’s specifications for a new vehicle.

The technician replaces any worn or faulty parts with new, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. This process restores the vehicle to its condition when it rolls off the manufacturing line. Once it receives its certification, the manufacturer warranties it.

Certified Used Cars

A certified used car differs slightly from a CPO vehicle. Some vehicles just miss the criteria for a CPO program. A dealership may create its own certified used vehicle program to recondition these vehicles and sell them on their lot. They may or may not come with a warranty, but many dealerships use the same inspection and repair methods as the automaker’s program.

Used Vehicles

Used vehicles still exist, and they do cost the least of any vehicles for purchase. A used car may only go through a check of its essentials and a thorough cleaning before it goes up for sale. These vehicles can be of any age and may have had multiple owners. Used cars do not come with a warranty.

Shopping for Non-Used Vehicles

Regardless of the type of preowned vehicle, obtain a vehicle history, commonly called the Carfax report, on it, states Edmunds. These comprehensive vehicle reports contain the maintenance and repair histories of the vehicles. If a car, truck, SUV, or van underwent repairs from an accident, it shows up in this report. Any accident damage, even if unrepaired, appears in this report, too, because the reports draw information from license plate and vehicle information number (VIN) data.

Finding Your Next New-to-You Vehicle

Before visiting Honda dealerships in GA to test drive cars, do some research. Make a list of what you need from a vehicle, such as an expansive cargo area for hauling groceries or significant towing capacity if you own a boat or trailer. Compare the past five model years of your favorite vehicle, deciding on your favorite years and trim levels. Purchasing a used vehicle can make higher-level trims affordable, letting you buy a luxury SUV for the price of a base model.

Test Drive to Make the Final Decision

Choosing between two Hondas or a few trim levels of the same vehicle becomes easier when you test drive the vehicles. According to Consumer Affairs, you should test drive every vehicle that makes your shortlist. This process lets you feel the handling and experience of the ride. After a comprehensive self-education on Honda models, visiting the dealership can help you make a tough decision and drive home the right car.

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