3 Easy Ways to Make a Living as a Stay-at-Home Mom

One of the biggest challenges that can come up in the life of a career-oriented woman is how to make a living while being a stay-at-home mom. Maintaining the balance between work and childcare requires creativity and a willingness to look into new ways of making money, but it can definitely be done.

 Here are three easy ways for stay-at-home moms to make good money without needing to be away from their children for eight or more hours a day.

Start a Dropshipping E-commerce Business

It’s no secret that e-commerce stores are extremely profitable and that the digital marketplace is attracting more and more customers each year. If you want to get your own piece of this action, you can start an e-commerce company of your own to sell products you are passionate about. For stay-at-home moms, the easiest way to get into e-commerce is usually to use a dropshipping agreement with product suppliers.

In dropshipping, an order from an e-commerce seller is conveyed directly to the supplier, which then sends the product to the customer. The advantage of this system is that it reduces the startup cost of inventory and eliminates the need for warehouse storage space. An e-commerce company that uses the dropshipping model can usually be run mostly or entirely from home, making it a great option for moms with children to take care of.

Try to Find a Traditional Job With Remote Work Options

Interestingly, being a stay-at-home mom with a traditional job is no longer the impossible task that it once was. Many companies now offer jobs that are partially or fully remote, meaning you can work at home using digital communication and phone calls to coordinate your work with your employer. This kind of work has the advantage of not incurring the risk of starting your own business.

If you have long-term career plans that involve returning to the regular workforce after your children are old enough, this can also be a great way to keep your hand in and prevent gaps on your resume until you’re ready to return to a more traditional office.

Get Into Real Estate Investing

One of the most lucrative long-term opportunities for stay-at-home moms is real estate investment. By buying real estate and either flipping it or renting it out for a passive monthly income, you can build a very real life while still having plenty of time to spend at home with your kids.

This business model will require some startup capital, but less than you would likely think. Real estate investment educational programs such as Success Path Reviews can teach you to get started at a relatively low cost and scale your business up.

Real estate investment has the added benefit of letting you hold equity in investment properties that can, under the right circumstances, appreciate. This equity can be liquidated by selling the properties if you ever choose to.

One scenario under which it can make sense to sell a property is to help fund your child’s college education when he or she reaches the end of high school. This is another reason that real estate investment can be such a good decision for a stay-at-home mom.

Making a good living as a mother who stays home can be a little difficult, but it is altogether possible. There are many more ways to accomplish it, but these three ideas should give you a good starting point. If possible, try to plan out your transition to working as a stay-at-home mom while you’re still expecting, as this can give you a head start when you actually need to make money from home while taking care of a young child.


Contributed by Meghan Belnap

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