The Great Things about Wearing Custom Flip Flops

No matter how trendy modest fashion gets, flip-flops continue to be a popular type that even signature brands cannot find any reasons to stop making their own flip flop styles. Nearly not a beach or any place can be seen without visitors wearing flip flops. They are also everyone’s favorite footwear at home. 

What is a flip-flop and do custom flip flops exist? 

Flip-flop is a type of an open shoe that is typically light weight and is made of rubber or plastic. It has a flat sole that is held together on the foot with a thong between the first toe and the second toe that creates a Y shape. Some manufacturers also come up with custom flip flops which are designed with an extra, e.g. custom flip flops that mimic the shape of a fish or custom flip flops with straps across all toes.

The Evolution of Flip Flops and the Custom Flip Flops Trend

People wearing different cultures across the world have been wearing flip flops since these were founded. It has been said that this kind of footwear was come up around 1,500 BC by ancient Egyptians. In 1960s, flip flops evolved to become a unisex footwear for the summer season. 

Modern flip flops which were inspired by the Japanese zori started becoming popular when American soldiers brought them back after the Second World War. They usually come in many colors and eccentric designs. Though they are commonly used in the beach, some companies which have the passion to make and market flip flops solely also produce custom flip-flops with a summery, fun vibe, with names or designs engraved or printed on the soles. Besides being cute and comfortable to wear, there are a lot of great, perky things about wearing them. 

Flip flops have become a staple in many households worldwide, even fashion shows are already sporting pairs more often all because they are both simple and comfortable to wear. Because of the rising trend, a lot of brands nowadays run editions of custom flip flops where customers can customize their own pair of flip flops the way they want it. 

What are the great things about wearing custom flip flops? 

Flip flops no longer choose a season. Everyone wears them even beyond summer and these great things about wearing them continue to contribute to custom flip-flop’s booming industry: 


Amongst all types of footwear, flip flops are the most comfortable pair to wear and no one can argue. Although there are thongs of today that have leather soles, the original flip flops are made with sturdy, durable rubber that is nonetheless cozy and comfortable to wear. Flip flops do not cause chafing or itchiness on the feet. Rather, they leave a cozy feeling, allowing the feet to rest well even if they are used outdoors for a longer period.

Easy to Wear

Flip flops easily fit which makes them so easy to wear unlike other types of footwear. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people opt to wear custom flip flops both indoors and outdoors. With a flip flop’s simple design sans all the artsy buckles and straps, the feet are expected to breathe easier. Hence, people can just hop their feet on them and enjoy the privilege.

Flip flops allow the feet to breathe

Unlike shoes and other types of closed foot wear, flip flop wins the game by allowing the feet to breathe, making it the best choice of footwear for long duration usages. With its open design, the feet will least likely sweat and be stuffed. Instead, the feet can easily receive air and sunlight that passes through which helps lessen the attraction of fungi or bacteria which ultimately cause the stinky feet smell.

They are sold anywhere

Flip flops vary especially in price; some are outrageously expensive while the others are amazingly sold at a very cheap price. But one thing is for certain; they are available everywhere, even at remote towns. This makes flip flops a convenient choice; people will need not spend a long time looking for a shop that sells one. Although only a few sell custom flip flops, these shops can easily be found online – usually just a google away.

Flip flops, especially the customized ones, have unique and cute designs

Although flip-flops have a simple Y-shape design in structure, a lot of them are sold in a wide variety of colors, designs, and styles and these can even vary depending on the country where the flip flops are being sold. 

There are funky designed flip flops, others have girly motifs or bright colors. Despite of the varying personalities of people across the world, there is probably no way they cannot find a pair of flip flops that suits their preference or personality especially after the concept of custom flip flops emerged.

Flip flops are perfect for leisure

Fond of trekking? Besides sneakers and trekking shoes, did you know that flip flops can withstand trekking and other leisure activities too? Since flip flops keep the feet comfortable and relaxed and it will hardly feel like you are wearing anything once you wear them, even custom flip flops are treated as great for outdoor activities too. 

Most flip flops do not hurt the wallet

Flip flops are typically made from rubber which is known to be a cheap material. This makes them the most affordable, yet very comfortable to wear, type of footwear in the market. They are also sold in a variety of colors and styles; sophisticated prints and branded, custom flip flops are sometimes pricier.

Using Custom Flip Flops

Besides the great things mentioned above, there surely are other great things about wearing even custom flip flops. Not only do they keep the feet relaxed, they also improve one’s psyche and mood. How custom flip flops are offered at an affordable price and easy to carry makes them perfect to bring even for out of town trips. With almost everyone, even toddlers, owning a pair of flip flops, there is not a doubt that flip flops are slowly becoming a closet necessity. 

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