The Essentials of Septic Tank Installation

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You should expect your septic tank to be pumped every two to five years. Your septic system size depends on how many bedrooms your home has.

Septic tank baffles control the flow of sewage. A septic tank with missing or broken baffles can cause clogs in the inlet and outlet pipes.


The septic tank installation Orlando FL may cause disruptions to your home, so it’s essential to inform your neighbors beforehand. Also, relocating lawn furniture and other objects outside the house is a good idea to avoid damage during construction. This will also ensure that your septic company has a clear work area and can install your septic tank quickly and efficiently.

Licensed septic tank installers must have the proper permits before they begin working. The state or local health department usually issues these. They require a complete application, payment of fees, and an inspection.

Some states have minimum setback requirements for various features, including buildings, water wells, fences, and property lines. A professional septic tank contractor can provide more information about the specific requirements in your area. Keeping trees and other plants away from the absorption field is also a good idea to prevent them from growing into the pipes and clogging them.


Most of the cost of a new septic system comes from the labor. Labor makes up 50% to 70% of the project costs.

A septic tank is underground and holds the waste from your house’s toilets, kitchen, laundry, and sinks. It contains a healthy population of anaerobic bacteria that digest the organic waste in a process similar to natural wetland filtration. When effluent exits the septic tank, it seeps into the drain field through perforated pipes. The drain field is a shallow area of uncovered soil that filters the wastewater through rocks, sand, and earth to remove impurities before it seeps into underground aquifers.

Maintaining a septic system includes regular pumping and inspections. You should not park on or drive over the drain field and avoid planting anything that would grow in the soil.

Soil Analysis

The septic tank collects all household wastewater and allows the heavy solids to settle at the bottom of the tank and float on top, which gives bacteria the time they need to break down the waste. The partially decomposed sludge and scum are dispersed to the absorption field through a piping network. This piping network must be correctly sized and placed.

The soil is the most significant factor determining what type of septic system will work best. A septic installer will perform a perc test to assess the soil’s suitability for treating wastewater. This information is used to design the septic system, and the results will help the installer choose the right size and equipment.

Once the septic tank and distribution box are in place, they should be marked with stakes or mapped so that homeowners can find them when doing yard or home maintenance. This will help avoid damaging the system or its components.


For septic tank installation to be successful, the area must be clear of obstructions. This can include trees, bushes, and rocks. Depending on the size of the septic system, land-clearing costs will vary.

Septic systems depend on permeable soil to absorb waste residue so that it doesn’t contaminate runoff water or leak into groundwater. Usually, this means the soil must have sufficient amounts of permeable content like gravel or sand. Before installing a septic tank, you’ll be legally obligated to get a percolation test, confirming that your soil meets city and local health department requirements.

Concrete tanks are one of the most common choices for homeowners because they’re durable and can last 20-30 years or more when properly maintained. However, they’re also heavy, requiring extensive equipment to install and move. Additionally, concrete may crack over time. These factors increase installation costs compared to other types of tanks.

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