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The benefits of regular septic pumping are many. A septic system removes waste from your home’s plumbing system and filters it before it reaches the ground. Pumping your septic tank regularly keeps this process running smoothly.

Reduces Risk of Sewage Backups

If you have a septic tank, the wastewater from your home enters a water-tight concrete, fiberglass, or polyethylene container called a septic tank. This tank is buried underground and holds solids digested by bacteria in the drain field. Unless you regularly pump your system, the waste will fill the tank and the drain field, clogging them. This is why it’s important to schedule regular septic pumping. The size of your septic tank and the amount of waste you produce determine how often you should pump it. Generally, larger homes will need to be pumped more frequently than smaller ones. Other factors influencing septic pumping frequency include the types of soaps, cleaners, and chemicals you use in your home. Toilet paper and sanitary products like facial tissues, feminine hygiene products, paper towels, and baby wipes break down in your septic tank and can cause blockages. These items should never be flushed down your toilets.

Prevents Unpleasant Odors

One of the most significant benefits of regular septic pumping is that it prevents unpleasant odors from escaping your home. Septic gases are a natural byproduct of the anaerobic bacteria that break down organic waste in your septic tank. However, if they’re too strong and are escaping your septic system, this can be very repulsive to you and anyone else who comes into contact with them. So, if you’re experiencing septic odors in your home or garden and it’s not getting worse, the first thing to do is check your plumbing for possible problems. Frequently, the odors you are experiencing could be coming from your floor drain traps in your basement. Make sure that you periodically fill them with water, and if they are still smelling, have your plumber check your septic pump-outs access plug to ensure that it is not loose. Also, check that the cover on your ejector sump pump basket is sealed correctly. This is an easy and inexpensive way to fix the problem and resolve any odors that you’re currently having.

Prevents Damage to Your Home

You want to keep your home’s septic tank in good working order so that you don’t have to worry about sewer water backing up into your house. This can lead to unpleasant smells and water damage and contaminate your yard. The only way to prevent this is to ensure you have your septic tank pumped regularly. Regular septic pumping ensures that your septic system will last for years and helps prevent sewer back-ups in the future. How frequently your septic tank should be pumped depends on the number of people in your home and how much water you use. If you have a large family or use a lot of water, it’s important to pump your septic tank at least every three to five years.

Saves You Money

Regular septic pumping can save you money in the long run. Not only can it reduce the need for costly repair services, but it can also keep your septic tank functioning efficiently and effectively. It also helps prevent sewage from overflowing into your yard or backing up into your home. These problems can cost you a lot of money to clean up, so it’s worth it to avoid them in the first place. The best way to prevent septic backups is to pump your system regularly. This keeps sewage from building up in your tank and allows your plumber to remove clogs that might otherwise become a problem later on. Another key to avoiding septic backups is to practice water conservation. Using low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators can help reduce the amount of water entering your septic system. You can even replace old, inefficient toilets with more efficient models that use 1.6 gallons or less per flush.

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